Round Up: Amazon Crushes Authors’ Careers Beneath the Boots of a New Review Policy

Over the past couple weeks Amazon has enacted a new policy for reviews posted on its site. This has resulted in a slew of older reviews getting culled and new reviews being blocked when posted, leading to screams of outrage from many quarters. Many have commented on the story,  most have approached it from entirely the wrong… Read More »

Roundup: Popslate’s E-ink iPhone Case Ships 2 Years Late, Lacks Many Promised Features

Popslate’s novel smartphone case adds a 4″ secondary E-ink screen to the rear of the iPhone 6. It packs in Bluetooth and a battery specced for 7 days of operation. After almost two and a half years of delays and a development cycle that outlived two different iPhone models, the case finally started shipping to reviewers in late… Read More »

Love Bad Book Covers? Here Are Five Blogs Where You Can Get Your Fill

Who’s up for some bad book covers? Yesterday The Guardian featured a blog called Kindle Cover Disasters. This site trolls the Kindle Store, looking for simply awesome examples of absolutely terrible cover design and then sharing them with a horrified  and frightened public. Some examples include: That is a great blog, and The Guardian’s article is a… Read More »

Roundup: French Publishers Threaten to Sue Ad-Blocking Company Over Ads You Weren’t Seeing Anyway

With an estimated 5% of the internet population using one, ad blockers are either a necessary security measure, a threat to the ledger book, or a symptom of a greater problem (it depends on who you ask). News broke over the weekend that French web publishers were making legal threats against Eyeo, a tech company that developed… Read More »