Love Bad Book Covers? Here Are Five Blogs Where You Can Get Your Fill

-+*Who’s up for some bad book covers? Yesterday The Guardian featured a blog called Kindle Cover Disasters. This site trolls the Kindle Store, looking for simply awesome examples of absolutely terrible cover design and then sharing them with a horrified  and frightened public. Some examples include: That is a great blog, and The Guardian’s article is a… Read More »

Roundup: French Publishers Threaten to Sue Ad-Blocking Company Over Ads You Weren’t Seeing Anyway

-+*With an estimated 5% of the internet population using one, ad blockers are either a necessary security measure, a threat to the ledger book, or a symptom of a greater problem (it depends on who you ask). News broke over the weekend that French web publishers were making legal threats against Eyeo, a tech company that developed… Read More »

Amazon Fire Phone Review Roundup

-+*Amazon’s first smartphone starts arriving tomorrow, and late last night the gags were removed from all of the early reviews. All of the major tech and business blogs got a Fire Phone, resulting in an excess of reviews. I’m still working my way through the reviews but I don’t think very many of the reviewers… Read More »