Leaked Diagram Reveals iPad Pro to be 7mm Thin, Weigh 700 Grams

-+*A very plausible diagram turned up this weekend which appears to show Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro tablet, but this blogger remains unconvinced. The diagram was reportedly leaked on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, and if it is real then  this tablet is going to be thinner than I expected and have a thicker bezel. According… Read More »

Samsung Tipped to Launch an E-ink Case for the Galaxy S6

-+*Samsung is expected to launch a bunchaton of new hardware at Mobile World Congress the month after next, and according to the latest rumors that includes an E-ink case for their next Galaxy smartphone. Samsung is widely expected to launch the Galaxy S6 at MWC (leaked metadata points to that conclusion), and according to one Android blog… Read More »

iPad Pro to Come With Optional Stylus?

-+*There’s still an insufficient amount of evidence to convince this blogger that Apple will soon release a larger iPad, but that hasn’t stopped others from speculating. Apple Insider reports that famed market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities expects that Apple will launch a stylus alongside the still-rumored iPad Pro. “Coupled with its unfavorable cost structure,… Read More »