New iPad Pro Rumors Circulate – Do You Think They’re Any More Likely to Be True Than the Last Ones?

What with the iWatch a known quantity and iOS 9 no longer the source of huge surprises, the tech blogosphere has turned to obsessing over Apple’s next product, the rumored iPad Pro. There’s a story going around today from the tea leaf readers at Digitimes. Their “sources” say that Apple is placing a smaller than… Read More »

Comixology to Launch “All You Can Read” Subscription Plan?

There’s an unsubstantiated, unverified,  and unsupported (but almost certainly true) rumor going around today that Comixology is about to offer a Kindle Unlimited type of subscription service for digital comics. We know literally nothing about the service, but the current speculation is that: At the behest of their new owners Amazon, the leading digital comics distributor… Read More »

New Rumor: FTC, and Not DOJ, Now Investigating Apple Over Beats Deals

Earlier this week I reported that Apple was rumored to be under investigation by the US Department of Justice, but now it looks like that story was less than completely accurate. Bloomberg weighed in on the developing story yesterday, and their sources say that a completely different federal agency is investigating Apple: The Federal Trade… Read More »

iPad Pro to Come With Optional Stylus?

There’s still an insufficient amount of evidence to convince this blogger that Apple will soon release a larger iPad, but that hasn’t stopped others from speculating. Apple Insider reports that famed market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities expects that Apple will launch a stylus alongside the still-rumored iPad Pro. “Coupled with its unfavorable cost structure,… Read More »