If You’re on a Social Network, Chances Are You’re Finding News There

As the saying goes, more Americans get their news from *blank* than any other source, but it’s certainly true of social media. The Pew Research Center has a new report out today on Americans getting their news from the two social networks *. Pew polled around two thousand Americans back in March and found that similar… Read More »

A Gimmick Does Not a Book Publishing Platform Make (Instagram)

Creators have published their stories in just about every manner you can imagine, including paper books, the web, paint on a wall, and even a postage stamp, and now one ad exec is going to “publish” his book on Instagram. AdWeek, MediaPost, and Chipchick report that marketer Jason Sperling is releasing his new book on the photo-sharing platform. Starting… Read More »

MacGuffin is a Writing Community that Combines Audio, Short Works

Between Wattpad, Jukepop, Widbook, Fanfiction.net, and other sites, there’s no shortage of places to post and or read short works. But UK-based Comma Press thinks all those sites are lacking one key aspect: audio. The Guardian reports that Comma Press has beta launched MacGuffin, a new platform for short works: It remains one of the… Read More »

Facebook’s Piracy Problem Isn’t Affecting Its Plans to Host Original Content, Strangely Enough

Do you recall all the talk about Facebook hosting original content (both articles and video)? That’s not going to come to much if the Face doesn’t get its piracy problems under control. Business Insider noticed this week that when it comes to video piracy, Facebook is effectively the wild wild west: Facebook’s video views are skyrocketing… Read More »

Online Writing Community Tablo Adds New Analytics Tool: Tablo Scholar

Following in the footsteps of their larger competitor Wattpad, the Melbourne-based writing platform Tablo launched a new reader analytics tool today called  Scholar. Tablo Scholar was developed to offer authors a better understanding of who their readers are and what the readers are reading. The service costs $9 or $19 a month, with the more expensive plan offering details… Read More »

Goodreads Now Filling Your Update Feed With Spam, Er “Sponsored Posts”

When Goodreads restructured their social network late last month I predicted that they would shortly use author pages for marketing purposes, and now it looks like I was about half right. Over the past week Goodreads has quietly started testing a new kind of native advertising. They’ve been inserting sponsored book listings into certain pages, including at… Read More »