Goodreads Promises to Fix Bungled New Relationship Rules

Goodreads caused numerous problems for its members when it enacted a new set of follower relationships last Friday, and the problems haven’t diminished in the following week. The social network announced on Monday that it had revised the follower relationships to address some of the complaints made over the weekend. Three days have passed since then, and… Read More »

Goodreads Has Decided That There is No Friendzone for Authors and People

Goodreads may have picked up tricks from their corporate parent since being bought by Amazon in 2012, but beta testing new features was apparently not one of them. The social network added new relationship options on Friday. Ostensibly intended to better define how authors and the hoi polloi interact, the new options are causing more problems than they solved…. Read More »

Kobo Inks Distribution Deal With Writing Community Widbook

Writing communities like Wattpad, Write On, and Widbook represent concentrated sources of writing talent, and Kobo is looking to tap in. Earlier this month Widbook and Kobo announced a new partnership which will enable Widbook members to sell ebooks through Kobo. According to Widbook’s blog post, premium members can sell their ebooks through Kobo with only a… Read More »