Goodreads Adds Automatic Sync with Amazon Book Purchases

GoodreadsGoodreads has just announced another reason for Amazon customers to use the site.

The online book community, which Amazon acquired last year, is now enabling readers to automatically sync their Amazon book purchases with their Goodreads account. The new feature is being slowly rolled out to Goodreads users and it is currently limited to only the US,Canada, and Australia, but Goodreads plans to expand availability in the future. Continue reading

Three Guesses Why Dropbox Wants to Buy Readmill

TechCrunch dropbox readmillis reporting that a certain cloud storage service is looking to acquire Readmill, a social reading platform.

I’m still waiting for Readmill to deny the report, but I believe it’s true and I bet I can tell you why Dropbox wants Readmill.

Update: Readmill has confirmed the acquisition.

From TechCrunch: Continue reading

The Not-GoodReads Book Community BookLikes Adds Kindle Integration

Bookloversbooklikes logo, rejoice. The blog-focused book community BookLikes has added new support for the Kindle.

BookLikes members can now sync their Kindle account with BookLikes  and share their reading stats with other members. Members can share their reading status and the latest information on the ebooks they have read and rated. Continue reading

Goodreads Says BookLikes is Spontaneously Deleting User Content

GGoodreadsoodreads may have been founded on the idea of people communicating but lately it seems the management has only been opening their mouth to change feet.


I’ve just learned that Goodreads has disabled their integration with BookLikes, a smaller online book community, over claims that BookLikes is responsible for spontaneous and erroneous deletions of users’ content. Furthermore, I’ve also been informed that Goodreads has sent out emails to their members and publicly blamed BookLikes for the deletions.

Based on the response from some Goodreads users (and based on Goodreads’ past conduct), I am not certain that Goodreads is telling the whole truth. Continue reading

Goodreads Announces New Content Policy – Now Deletes Reviews Which Mention Author Behavior

1110730419_204cee0fde[1]Goodreads has long been struggling to decide between the opposing needs of reader/reviewers and of authors, and today the latter group has finally won out.

Goodreads announced a new content policy on Friday. In addition to a few token gestures in support of an anti-bullying policy, this Amazon-owned online community has announced that they will now delete bookshelves and reviews that focus on author behavior: Continue reading

Social Reading Platform ReadMill Partners With Indie Marketplace Gumroad

readmill[1]The 2-year-old social reading platform ReadMill announced today that they have formed a new partnership with Gumroad, the minimalist online marketplace.

Readers who buy ebooks through Gumroad will now be able to click a simple “Send to Readmill” button and have their purchases transferred automatically to their ReadMill account. Continue reading