Google Play Books Updated with New Skim Mode, Better Support for Non Fiction

google play booksGoogle first got its start in ebooks with the often maligned book scanning project, and with the latest update to Google Play Books it is returning to its academic roots.

The tech giant announced a new version of Google Play Books today which features better support for non fiction ebooks. (The apps have not been released as of the time I published this post.) According to Google, the new apps will enable readers to  easily skim an entire book, browse all their notes and highlights, and quickly jump back and forth between different locations in the book. Continue reading

Goodreader PDF App Updated

GoodReader[1]The best PDF app for iPad and iPhone was updated today with a bunch of bug fixes and new features.

In addition to direct support for loading files from iCloud, Goodreader also gained a couple new features which iPhone 6 owners will appreciate.  The iPhone version of Goodreader now supports a double-page view for PDF files, and there is an option for page rotation (landscape to portrait and back). Continue reading

iBooks Author Updated With InDesign and Epub Importer

ibooks author logoApple rolled out a new update for their ebook making app yesterday with a few major updates. The app is still limited to only running on OSX, but on the plus side it gained new features.

According to the changelog, iBooks Author offers a new ebook template and new options for linking inside an ebook. There is also mention of improvements to widget behaviors, including an option for autoplaying the media and keynote widgets (that would count as a dis-improvement, IMO). Continue reading

Kindle For Android Updated with Support for Dutch, Signalling Imminent Launch of New Kindle Store

kindle itunes logoDo you know all those rumors I have been repeating about Amazon launching a local Kindle Store in the Netherlands? Amazon just confirmed them.

The retailer rolled out a new update earlier this week for the Kindle app for Android. In addition to the usual bug fixes and improvements, the app also gained a couple new features. Users can now start listening to an audiobook before it is fully downloaded, and they can also tap on a highlight to edit it. Continue reading

Evernote for Android Updated With New Navigation, New Look, and More

evernote_logo.jpgEvernote rolled out an update for  their Android app today which adds a slew of features as well as several improvements to the design and navigation.

To start, Evernote had added a new floating menu to version 6 of their Android app. As you can see in the following gif, users can press the small green circle in the bottom right corner of the screen and be offered a half dozen different ways to quickly make a note. Continue reading

eBook Management App Calibre Hits 2.0

calibre-logoCalibre v2.0 was released late last week (I only got the news this morning).

Following the 1.0 release almost a year to the day, this major milestone adds a number of improvements, including better support for Android devices when running the calibre app on OSX,  touchscreen support on Windows tablets, and behind the scenes improvements to boost performance. Continue reading

Amazon Fire Phone Update v3.5.1 Adds New Features

fire phoneAmazon’s two month old smartphone got its first update today.

The update  includes a bonanza of new features as well as UI improvements, tweaks to improve the battery life, a new option for deleting emails, and more.

While this update will be music to the ears of Fire Phone owners, I don’t see anything here that would interest me enough to consider buying one. How about you? Continue reading

Kobo for Android Updated with Immersive Reading Mode, Better Support for Embedded Audio

kobo itunes ios logoKobo quietly rolled out a new update last week for their Android app, and it’s one worth our attention.

In addition to the usual bug fixes and other improvements, the new app boasts support for Epubs with embedded audio, faster loading of Epub files, and new stability improvements for fixed layout Epub ebooks. Continue reading

Mantano eBook App for Android, IOS Updated with Support for Epub3


I am pleased to report on an update which adds improved support for the ePub3 ebook format.

Late last week Mantano released a new version of their reading app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. In addition to bug fixes and a couple new reading features, the Mantano app also gained support for Epub3. Continue reading