New Author Earning Report Doesn’t  Explain the AAP’s Drop in eBook Revenues in January

The latest Author Earnings Report is out today, like the earlier reports it is going to instigate more arguments than it will settle. The May 2015 report is based on a survey and analysis of the top 200,000 titles on the Kindle Store best-seller lists, and among the other details it revealed was an unsurprising trend in the price… Read More »

AAP Revises January 2015 Revenue Estimates, Trade Revenues Now up 5%, eBook Revenues Still Down

The Association of American Publishers has some egg on their faces this Monday afternoon. Citing technical errors stemming from new PRH reporting procedures, the AAP has released revised stats for their Statshot report for January, correcting the stats released last Wednesday. Rather than staying flat, trade book revenues were up 5% in January. eBook revenues were still down… Read More »

Infographic: eBooks On Track to Double Their Share of the Dutch Book Market

The US ebook market has shown every sign of having gotten boring but other markets are still much more active. CB Logistics, the leading ebook distributor in the Netherlands, just released a new infographic which reveals that Dutch ebook sales are growing by leaps and bounds. Dutch publishers now distribute 37,190 titles, up from 33 thousand… Read More »