B&N to buy out Microsoft’s interest in Nook Media for $120 million

Barnes & Noble released their quarterly statement today. Mixed in with the usual dry statistics was a bombshell: B&N is buying out Microsoft’s share of Nook Media. After almost two years of co-owning a moneypit, MS is selling off their interest and walking away. In financial news, B&N reported that total revenues dropped 2.7%, to $1.7 billion, as… Read More »

Author Earnings Report Confirms What We Had Long Suspected: $10 eBooks do Earn More than $15 eBooks

When Amazon released their latest statement in their contract dispute with Hachette a couple days ago, one point they raised was that $9.99 ebooks sold more copies than $14.99 (1.74 times as many, in fact). This tied in with basic market economic theory, and it also fits with past data from Smashwords. And now I… Read More »