Russian, Brazilian, and Dutch eBook Markets Reached New Highs in 2013

Pundits4956221465_bc16d97bcd[1] might still be debating as to whether the US ebook market grew in 2013, but the record is clear that the global ebook market as a whole grew in 2013.

In addition to a report that the German ebook market was exepcted to double in size by the end of 2013, there is also news today that the Brazilian, Dutch, and Russian ebook markets also saw excellent growth over the past calendar year. Continue reading

Indie Authors Are Getting Clobbered by Big Name eBook Discounts – But Not For The Reason You Think

If you've ebook-best-seller-pricing-aug-2012-to-nov-2013[1]been following ebook news over the past 6 months then you've noticed that ebook prices have tended to drop. In fact, the average prices of ebook bestseller lists have shown a fairly consistent downward trend for the past year as more and more titles exit agency price controls and enter the free market. Continue reading

If the eBook Market is Flattening Out Then Why Are eBook Sales Up at HarperCollins and Hachette?

Ask anyone 6674163381_f541b306f9[1]from DBW to Nick Carr to the BISG and they'll insist that the ebook market is leveling out here in the US, but something tells me that the major publishers didn't get the memo.

Two different major publishers have reported in the past couple days that their ebook revenues have increased in the past quarter, and I would say that tends to cast a lot of doubt on the idea that ebooks have leveled off. Continue reading

HarperCollins Reports Revenues Down, eBook Revenues Up – a Sign That the eBook Market Hasn’t Flattened

The newly reorganized NewsCorp released a quarterly statement today, and the news from their publishing house is mixed.

HarperCollins reported that revenues for  the quarter ending  on 30 September were down 7% to $328 million as compared to the same period last year. EBITDA (earnings before interest taxes, depreciation and amortization), however, rose 8% to $43 million. Continue reading