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Budget Tablet Buying Guide: July 2014

Many_Tablets[1]For the past four years Android tablet have been a hot market niche, with dozens of device makers releasing new models willy-nilly. Some were good, many were bad, and as a result the tablet market in July 2014 is glutted with tablets.

There are so many tablets on the market that it is difficult to tell which ones are good; even a reviewer such as myself can’t test more than a tithe of what’s available.

But as I sat here this morning, looking for a tablet to buy and review, I realized that my process for choosing a tablet included a number of rules which might be useful. Continue reading

Turn Your T68 Lynx into the Ultimate eReader\Tablet with these 12 Apps

T68 onyx booxAndroid tablets are great, but they’re difficult to read in bright lighting conditions, the backlight screens can cause insomnia, and let’s face it, it’s too easy to get distracted by Angry Birds, videos, and other eye candy.

If you’re looking to get some serious reading done, you’re better off getting an ebook reader which runs Android – like the Nook Glow, Sony Reader Wifi, or the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx. Not everyone likes to spend all of there time reading ebooks, but luckily these ereaders offer the option of installing other apps. Continue reading

How to Read Digital Comics on Windows

9669608946_71e1a64462_b[1]Amazon and Comixology may be getting all of the press attention right now but there’s more to comics than one mid-sized retailer.

Many different companies, including Apple, Google, Kobo, and Amazon, sell digital comics in their ebookstores, and if you don’t mind being restricted to a mobile devices (Android, iPad, or iPhone) you can find many competing indie comic apps like Madefire, Thrillbent, etc. Continue reading

Why do so few Mobile Web Browsers Offer a Distraction-Free Reading Mode?

I am having a problem, and you might be able to help.

Earlier today I set out to write a post which was going to round up all of the mobile web browsers and explain how to access the ad-free reading mode. I wanted to show you how to find a way strip out the ads and see something like this demo of the “Reading View” mode from Amazon Silk: Continue reading

What to do With an Android Tablet With a Broken Screen

If you’ve owned4676754047_53fc1a38e4_m[1] more than one mobile device chances are you still have the old one sitting around (unless you’ve sold it, which is the smart thing to do).

But if you just replaced your Android tablet or smartphone because of a broken touchscreen, I would suggest that you think twice before you throw the old one away.  If the CPU and the rest of the internal components still work then the gadget can still fill a useful purpose. Continue reading

How to Make Your Tablet Safe for Kids

Have speck iguy ipad caseyou have recently upgraded to a new tablet and want to hand off your older model to your lucky kids?

That’s a good idea, but before you do there are a number of steps you should take before you let go of that older tablet. Even a beat up, older model is still useful, albeit a bit slower than your new tablet, but you might want to make sure it’s safe for your kids to use. Continue reading

Lessons Learned From a Failed Attempt to Turn my Android Tablet into an eBook Reader

Whilemobile-product-icons-pdp-android[1] it’s quite common to use an Android tablet as an ebook reader, few are designed to fill that need from the ground up. Amazon, B&N, and Kobo have each tried their hand at it, and over the past few weeks I have been looking for a way to add similar features to the cheap Android tablets I like to use. Continue reading

Want Amazon Instant Video on Your Android Tablet? Here’s How to Install it

One of the 360714-the-best-android-tabletsKindle Fire’s greatest strengths (and other Android tablet’s weaknesses) is that Amazon’s tablets can stream video from the retail giant. This is one of the reasons that I have held on to my Kindle Fire HD in place of cheaper Android tablets, but that is no longer true. Continue reading

5 Apps You Should Install on Your New Budget Android Tablet

In the 3mobile-product-icons-pdp-android[1] plus years that I have been reviewing, writing about, and using tablets they have gotten faster, cheaper, and better (and over this past year more and more have Google Play), but even after all this time there is still at least one thing that hasn’t changed. Continue reading

How to Install Google Apps on the Kindle Fire HDX

Theamazon kindle fire hdx Kindle Fire HDX sports a high resolution screen, a very fast processor, and generally excellent media abilities, but one thing it lacks is support for Google apps.

Luckily for us Amazon still lets users install apps downloaded from sites other than the Amazon Appstore, because one blogger going by Android Cowboy has found a way to add Gmail and a few other Google apps to Amazon’s tablet. Continue reading