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The Morning Coffee – 29 April 2014

Here are six stories worth reading this morning.

  • Has the Kindle DX Been Discontinued . . . Again? (The eBook Reader Blog)
  • How The Audies Literally Turned Into the Oscars of the Audiobook World (BOOK RIOT)
  • On the Breaking of Rules in Writing (John Walters)
  • The problem with that amazing speed-reading app (SmartPlanet)
  • True Life: I’m A Book Club Dropout (Huff Post)
  • William F. Buckley, Jr. on digital libraries, privacy and Andrew Carnegie: Read his words from 1993 (LibraryCity)

This Coffee Mug’s E-ink Display Is Powered By Hot Coffee

Here’smuki 1 the perfect gift for anyone powered by caffeine: a coffee mug with an E-ink screen powered by hot coffee.

Last week Paulig, a specialty coffee roaster based in Finland, unveiled a new coffee mug design called the Muki. This mug features a small and simple E-ink which is powered by pouring hot coffee into the cup. (Or at least that is what Paulig claims; if you look at the photos of the prototype you’ll see that there is also a button battery on the circuit board.) Continue reading

New Report Suggests Wifi is Probably Not Frying Your Brain

A new wi-fi[1]report from the Royal Society of Canada calls into question the ongoing urban legends about the possible harmful effects of Wifi.

The 165 page report was generated on behalf of Health Canada as part of that organization’s regular reconsideration of safety standards, and while it doesn’t contain any new data it does include a review of existing research. Continue reading

Barnes & Noble Rolls Out New Update for the Nook Glowlight

Pokingbarnes-noble-nook-glowlight-hand holes in the rumor that they fired their entire hardware staff, Barnes & Noble released a new update today for the Nook Glowlight, their latest ereader.

Readers can now enjoy a better shopping experience, improved search capabilities,, and the ability to redeem access codes on the device (this previously required the B&N website). Continue reading