And Yet Another Teacher is Punished for Writing a Novel

Update: It looks like this story might be a tempest in a teapot caused by really bad local reporting. The LA Times followed up and reported that the teacher had real mental health issues, and not because of his novels. The Atlantic reported earlier today that a Maryland middle school teacher was involuntarily committed for… Read More »

John Paczkowski: Apple Plans to Announce Wearable in September

This blogger has long argued that there simply wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Apple is about to launch a wearable, but I am definitely in the minority. Update: Paczkowski ‘s reversed himself, and is now saying that the new Apple wearable will be launching next month but won’t be coming until next year. That’s why… Read More »

Facebook Is Cracking Down on Buzzfeed-Style Clickbait

It looks like anyone working to reverse engineer the FB news feed algorithms will need to start anew; Facebook announced a couple of changes which will change what you read. Much to the chagrin of Upworthy, Buzzfeed, and The Onion’s Clickhole, your new news feed will show fewer clickbait titles and more link and excerpt style… Read More »

On Tablets, Summer Reading, and Parental Role Models for Young Readers: How Schools and Libraries Can Together Connect the Dots

It’s summer. Is your child reading—one way to guard against a seasonal slump? Oh, and here’s a very much related question. Are you reading? “You are a role model for your children,” writes Dr. Judy Willis, M.D., a board-certified neurologist as well as a former middle school teacher. “When they see you reading books, not just for specific reasons but also… Read More »

Kindle eBook Deals (8 August 2014) – Ray Guns, Robots, and Romulans, oh my

Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals for today include Slingshot by Matt Dunn, Me and My Big Mouse by Ethan Long, and other titles. Only the SF title looked interesting to me today so instead I found a couple additional SF titles I wanted to buy. Speaking of SF&F, did you know that you can still get… Read More »

Amidst Growing Publisher Interest, Scribd Adds Titles from National Geographic, Boosts Catalog to 500,000 Titles

Fresh from adding new ways to browse their catalog, Scribd has revealed this week that they have added new titles to their catalog. In addition to titles from OR Books, Princeton University Press, and Legend Press, Scribd is now offering titles published by National Geographic. This organization is best known for its magazine, but it… Read More »