Conan Doyle Estate Asks Supreme Court to Remove Sherlock Holmes from Public Domain

Memoirs_of_Sherlock_Holmes_1894_Burt_-_Illustration_2-206x300[1]In what could be the preface for the key copyright ruling of 2015, lawyers for the estate of the long deceased Arthur Conan Doyle filed an appeal before the US Supreme Court this week.

Lawyers for the Conan Doyle estate are asking the USSC to a temporary stay of the June 2014 ruling by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals while the lawyers file a formal appeal. The request comes after the 7th Circuit refused to stay its decision on 9 July.

Update: The request for the temporary stay has already been rejected. Continue reading

Readsy Adds Spritz’s Speed Reading Tech to Your Web Browser

logo[1]Want to try the speed reading tech offered by Spritz but not sure how? Then you should check out Readsy.

Readsy is a browser tool that helps to speed up your reading by taking whatever page you are looking at, filtering out the extraneous material, and presenting the body of text one word at a time in a window that looks something like this: Continue reading

Blackberry Really Wants You to Know the Amazon Appstore Will Ship in BB OS 10.3

BlackBerry_10_Amazon_Appstore[1]Amazon is expected to announce a new smartphone in about another 3 hours, and over the past few days they’ve been sending out press releases to build the buzz.

A couple days ago Amazon touted their appstore reaching 240,000 titles, and today Blackberry issued a press release which gushed about the next version of their OS, and how it would ship with the Amazon Appstore: Continue reading

PSA: Monopoly, Monopsony, and Amazon

Jeff Bezos's hero
Jeff Bezos’s hero

What with Amazon beating up another supplier today, I thought it would be useful to take a few minutes and comment on the way in which many people are misusing the word monopoly.

Many people like to throw around the label monopoly when talking about Amazon. Given that Amazon has somewhere around a third of the US book market, that claim is questionable at best, but when you point at Amazon mistreating their suppliers and call them a monopolist it is simply untrue. Continue reading

Is Hachette Playing Dirty Tricks in Their Contract Dispute With Amazon?

4245550588_9e56b4e8db_o[1]It has been a week since news broke that Amazon and Hachette were in the middle of a nasty contract negotiation, and much ink has been spilled about Amazon’s dirty tricks. The NYTimes has cited instances of Amazon running out of stock on Hachette titles, Publishers Weekly has posted a behind the scenes view of what’s at stake, and yesterday GigaOm posted a roundup of responses to the negotiation. Continue reading

To Heck With Winning Awards: Orbit (Hachette) Goes Excerpt Only in the Hugo Voters Packet

Thehugo_sm SF publisher Orbit is taking a risky bet with this year’s Hugo awards. Orbit has 3 novels up for the Hugo this year, but rather than provide copies to voters this Hachette imprint has decided to only offer excerpts.

The Hugo award recognizes excellence in SF, fantasy, and related works, and it has become the norm  for the awards committee to put together a bundle of all the works (both short and long, fiction and non) nominated  for a Hugo. Continue reading