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Reading eBooks on the Amazon Fire Phone (video)

Screen-Shot-2014-06-19-at-5.24.30-AM[1]When Jeff Bezos revealed the Fire Phone on Wednesday, one of the cooler features demoed in the presentation video was a new trick for the Kindle app that enables readers to scroll an ebook with a simply flip of the wrist.

As we saw on Wednesday, Fire Phone users can tilt the phone just right and make the text scroll up the screen. If they touch the screen with their finger, the text freezes in place. Continue reading

Watch Jeff Bezos Announce the Fire Phone

fire phoneA short while ago Amazon posted the video from the launch event for the Fire Phone. If like me you still have questions about the Fire Phone’s features and why some of the liveblogs sounded impressed, here’s your chance to find out.

I haven’t seen it myself, but I will be making time tonight. I still have doubts whether I will get the $650 smartphone. I know I won’t be tying myself to AT&T, but it remains to be seen whether this smartphone does enough to justify the expense. Continue reading

Video Review of Onyx Boox C65 AfterGlow eReader

onyx-boox-c65-afterglow-Kopia-nowe-459x600[1]I’ve been Youtubing today, getting ready for my new ereader, and I came across a related model which isn’t strictly available in the US but can be ordered online.

The Onyx Boox C65 AfterGlow is a 6″ Android-equipped ereader which can be bought from one of Onyx’s retail partners. It’s a little pricy for the US market, but on the upside it ships with Google Play, a feature which few ereaders can boast. Continue reading

E-ink Booth Tour at Computex 2014

27a[1]Due to unfortunate timing, E-ink ended up having to have a booth at two different trade shows last week. I reported on one booth at SID Display Week, and here is Charbax’s report from E-ink’s booth at Computex 2014.

As you can see in the video, E-ink shows off a number of interesting gadgets at Computex (more in fact than they showed at Display Week) including a couple Hello Kitty gadgets, Sony’s 13.3″ writing slate, the PocketBook CoverReader with an integrated E-ink display, and the Fujitsu Navit. Continue reading

Google’s Project Tango Tablet Revealed as a $1,024 7″ Tegra K1-Powered Device

project tango tabletGoogle’s rumored Project Tango tablet saw the light of day for the first time today.

Project Tango is Google’s codename for a cutting edge hardware development project that focused on 3d-depth sensing tech. Launched in February 2014, the project had been based around a smartphone, and today the project is expanding to include an expensive tablet. Continue reading

Teaser Video Reveals Amazon’s Smartphone will Launch 18 June

amazon-smartphone-kindle-fire-phoneAmazon has just indirectly announced that they will be launching their smartphone in a couple weeks.

The retailer has posted a new video on Youtube (posted below) which shows people looking at some device and being amazed by it. The video doesn’t show the device itself, but based on the commentary I think it was the Amazon smartphone.

Some of the responses include: Continue reading