Pocketbook InkPad 8″ eReader Now (Reportedly) Shipping

pocketbook ink pad 840Pocketbook's new 8" ebook reader holds the dual distinction of being one of the more unusual ereaders to launch this year as well as the most delayed. Following an early and limited release in Russia, a wider launch was delayed so Pocketbook could respond to complaints about performance and screen quality. The European launch was pushed back until the middle of September, and then delayed again.

And now it is finally shipping (I hope). Pocketbook France informs me that they have started shipping the InkPad 840 to customers. (I'm still waiting on a tracking number for my unit, but that is what they have reported.) Continue reading

Yitoa Shows Off a $43 Android eReader

yitoa android ereader 1Charbax caught up with the Chinese OEM Yitoa at a trade show some time back and they showed him their latest ereaders.

Yitoa has been developing tablets and ereaders for several years now (they designed the flexible Wexler FlexOne) and lately they have focused their attention only on ereaders, which they plan to license to third parties. Continue reading

Hands On with the Fire HD 6

Fire HD 6 HorizontalAmazon's $99 Android tablet will probably never grace my todo list (not unless my current unit dies) but that doesn't mean I'm not as interested in it as the next gadget blogger.

While digging through Youtube today, I found a hands on video worth watching. It wasn't made by a pro gadget blogger (which is part of the reason why I like it), but the guy has used Amazon's other tablets and he regularly shoots videos of RC helicopters and other topics. Continue reading

The Seven Deadly Social Media Sins, and Why Authors Should Avoid Them

brunner social media faux pasAuthors and publishers are frequently told that they should engage with readers on social networks, but sometimes it's not easy to know the right way to go about it. And so when this video from Pittsburgh ad agency Brunner crossed my desk this morning, I thought it was worth watching and sharing. Continue reading

Hands On With the Google Nexus 9

2615100_Tinhte-Google-Nexus9-15Google announced their latest Android tablet earlier this week, and while the English language blogosphere is still waiting to touch the winder-tablet a few lucky souls in Vietnam have gotten their hands on this 9" tablet.

Sforum has posted a hands on video of the Nexus 9. It doesn't exactly share a lot of the more intricate details, but the video does give a good idea how the Nexus 9 will look in the real world. Continue reading

Video: Why eBook Text Layout is Terrible

text reflow problemEver wonder why the ebook you're reading on a Kindle rarely looks as nice as the edition?

Computerphile sat down with Professor Steven Bagley of the University of Nottingham, who takes us through the steps involved in auto-formatting a text on an ereader. As Bagley explains, good formatting takes a lot of processing power to run a lot of calculations. Most ereaders are relatively under-powered machines which are really doing the best they can. Continue reading

Who Needs Android on a Smartwatch When You Can Run Windows 95? (video)

wrist computerWhen Byte published the image at right on their cover in 1981, I'm not sure they ever really expected it to become a reality.

But thanks to one Samsung Gear Live owner the idea of putting a real computer into a space the size of a wristwatch is no longer a joke (though it is a little funny how close a microSD card is in size to that floppy disk). Continue reading

Hands On With the 8″ Pocketbook InkPad

pocketbook inkpadLike many of Pocketbook's customers, I'm still waiting for news of when they plan to ship their new 8" ereader in Europe.

While trying to distract myself from pining, I spent some time today on Youtube looking at videos posted by luckier souls who managed to get in the same room as the new InkPad. I found a couple new videos that I thought showed a lot of detail about the InkPad. Continue reading

Hands On with the Pocketbook Sense

pocketbook_sense_2[1]With the Kindle Voyage, and Aura H2O getting all the buzz, premium ereader seem to be where the market is the most active, and now Pocketbook is joining the fun.

Earlier this month Pocketbook announced a new premium 6" ereader called the Sense. This ebook reader is looks like a Pocketbook  Ultra minus the camera, but it actually has at least one extra feature not found on the Ultra: an ambient light sensor.

Continue reading