Who Needs Android on a Smartwatch When You Can Run Windows 95? (video)

wrist computerWhen Byte published the image at right on their cover in 1981, I’m not sure they ever really expected it to become a reality.

But thanks to one Samsung Gear Live owner the idea of putting a real computer into a space the size of a wristwatch is no longer a joke (though it is a little funny how close a microSD card is in size to that floppy disk). Continue reading

Hands On With the 8″ Pocketbook InkPad

pocketbook inkpadLike many of Pocketbook’s customers, I’m still waiting for news of when they plan to ship their new 8″ ereader in Europe.

While trying to distract myself from pining, I spent some time today on Youtube looking at videos posted by luckier souls who managed to get in the same room as the new InkPad. I found a couple new videos that I thought showed a lot of detail about the InkPad. Continue reading

Hands On with the Pocketbook Sense

pocketbook_sense_2[1]With the Kindle Voyage, and Aura H2O getting all the buzz, premium ereader seem to be where the market is the most active, and now Pocketbook is joining the fun.

Earlier this month Pocketbook announced a new premium 6″ ereader called the Sense. This ebook reader is looks like a Pocketbook  Ultra minus the camera, but it actually has at least one extra feature not found on the Ultra: an ambient light sensor.

Continue reading

Blast From the Past: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard (Video)

4185575871_440c920148[1]In light of Apple launching a couple smartphones and announcing a couple smartwatches, I thought it appropriate to look back at one of Apple’s previous ground-breaking products.

In 2009 Apple debuted a Macbook which replaced the keyboard with an iPod-inspired scroll wheel. Sadly, the design did not catch on and only a single model was released.

Here’s a news report from 2009: Continue reading

Hands On with the Pocketbook 840 InkPad eBook Reader (video)

pocketbook 840 inkpad handsonIn what I swear is complete serendipity, a new unboxing and hands on video for the Pocketbook 840 InkPad just crossed my desk.

Pocketbook’s new 8″ ebook reader was announced in May and is scheduled to ship in Europe on 15 September, but it has already shipped to a few lucky customers in Russia. One of those new owners took 6 minutes and posted the following unboxing video. Continue reading

A Brief Hands On Video of the Kobo Aura H2O

sam_1522-600x400[1]Reviews of Kobo’s new  waterproof ebook reader are still few and far between, so when this next video came across my desk yesterday I knew that everyone would want to see it.

I’m still working on my review of Kobo’s new waterproof ebook reader, but yesterday Laptop Magazine posted a short hands on video. Continue reading

Ikea Pokes Fun at Apple in Latest “Advert” for Their Catalog

For a multi-national multi-billion dollar retailer, Ikea has a penchance for adverts which take things not at all seriously, and in this latest video the retailer pokes fun at Apple.

Ikea just posted a new video, shot in the classic Apple style, which touts its paper catalog. And yes, it is absurdly funny as it sounds.

At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas.
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B&N Builds Buzz for New Galaxy Tab Nook with Promo Video

Galaxy-Tab-4-NOOK_25[1]It looks like Barnes & Noble is taking a leaf from Amazon’s playbook.

Early this morning the retailer sent out an email to their customers, but rather than pitch ebook deals the email touts a new promo video for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. B&N is widely expected to launch the new tablet next Wednesday, and for once they decided to start promoting the new hardware before it officially launches. Continue reading