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  1. I’m beginning to think it’s only the specific blanket email concerning the delay of that particular preordered audio book. Somehow, it was caught in unending loop of send…send…send. I haven’t had one in 5 minutes, maybe it’s stopped. (Fingers crossed)

  2. Amazon KDP server has been down now for 15 hours. All KDP authors locked out. Maybe you can find out something from Amazon pr.

  3. I was extremely surprised to discover that Kobo’s new H20 eReader will not work with library eBooks. I’m a librarian an I discovered after hearing about a library patron that could not transfer an eBook to their reader successfully.
    It saddens me to think we have one less option and one more walled garden in the ecosystem of eReaders.
    This review has been the only place I have found mention of the eReader not working with DRM eBooks.

    1. Library eBooks are working fine on mine Kono H2o eReader. Ofcourse you need to setup your Adobe Digital Editions acount on your eReader, but that is something you need to do on every eReader. I’ve heard other people having difficulties with getting eBooks from their library’s on their H2o, i guess it a firmware related issue or something

      1. hmmm, interesting, Do you mean an older version of the firmware is incompatible but a newer version is? The reader was set up in conjunction with ADE. the book was downloaded to ADE then transferred to the device, the device would not open the book and gave the warning it was not authorized.

  4. According to the new update on inkcase kickstarter page they are supposed to be sending devices today.
    Please do not hesitate to post first impressions, in case the inkcase actually arrives.

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