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If you know of a news story you’d like to share then I’d like to hear it. There are 2 ways you can tell me about it. You don’t have to write anything; a link will be fine.

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  1. This isn’t a news story, just a general tip for Kindle Fires and borrowing library books. It’s possible you’ve shared it before, but I can’t recall seeing it. It’s also possible this is a great big “duh” for many people, but maybe not. Anyway. If you’re checking out a Kindle book from your library, sometimes it comes up as “USB transfer only” which is really annoying. You can use Dropbox to bypass that. Just move the downloaded file to Dropbox (I made a folder called “Library Books”, then navigate to it from the Dropbox app on your Kindle. Click and download. It doesn’t usually appear in my carousel, so I just do a search for the title and there it is. Once I open it to read, it does appear in the carousel or I can add to favorites. It’s nice to be untethered, as I find transferring via USB to be cumbersome, unintuitive, and time consuming.

  2. http://calibre-ebook.com/download_windows



    I followed your instructions to a tee about removing the DRM from e-books (http://the-digital-reader.com/2013/09/15/how-add-kindle-drm-removal-plugin-calibre/#.UtvYvxAo7De.) Very well written and easy to follow. Piece of cake! However, your article needs to be updated to say something like “If using Windows 8, you need to download the Windows 8 versions of Calibre and K4PC.” I’m a new fan of your articles.

  3. Though they hinted at the same in their closure message, Diesel’s plans to return in some form sound a little more definite now. Their front page says:

    “We’re Cooking Up Something Cool. Get Ready.”

    Though if the something cool is a new bookstore, they may have a tough time regaining trust after that sudden and badly handled shutdown.

    1. They’ll have an even tougher time carrying any customers who were using Diesel’s sister store Ebook Eros, which carried no wranings at all about the closure and simply vanished from the internet on the same day the Diesel store closed.

      1. Its sizable. Its the number one social media driver and for some companies, its the number one period.

        Here’s some out-of-date data from february. http://marketingland.com/facebook-cuts-googles-lead-top-traffic-driver-online-news-sites-report-75578

        It also doesn’t include the amount of fans you have on Facebook. For example, we have 1.6 million fans on Facebook which is larger by 1000% than the number of visitors to the web site. However, only 6-10% of that 1.6 million see any of our posts.

        Here’s another

        Its the same old story, you have to go to where your community is, and not put all your eggs in one basket.

  4. Good morning Nate.

    So … The Fourth of July has come and is long gone.
    Where are the crowds of happy new owners of Onyx Midia InkPhone E43?
    I have been googling furiously and impatiently since early morning (Central European TIme) and so far … nothing. Nobody has posted unpacking video, nobody is bragging on his blog, and on Mobileread there is a lone post in a thread named “Midia InkPhone E43 order status”
    How many inkphones did they ship? Did they ship anything yet? They said they will ship after fourth of July and not “exactly on fourth of July”.

    1. They said they would ship the phone. It will still take a couple days to arrive. We’ll probably see stuff over on MobileRead by Friday.

      I don’t know how many were shipped by Arta Tech; they won’t say.

      1. 2014.7.4 was on Friday last week. It is Monday afternoon here. I would have expected the first units to start arriving at this moment.

      2. It is Sunday evening, and there are still only very few reports.
        The only news is that the phones have IMEI that wasn’t officially assigned to Onyx. My wild guess is that the phone will remain “Out of stock” until they resolve the IMEI problem. And that can take a *long* time.
        Sigh … it was *such* a nice product …
        I would be willing to buy this even without the phone functionality. But not at the current price.

      1. I also thought that the publishers would certaintly win this case.
        Unfortunately for Tom Kabinet I am afraid this will not be the last court case about this. I expect in the end they will lose.
        But still, this is a nice surprise.

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