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      1. I also thought that the publishers would certaintly win this case.
        Unfortunately for Tom Kabinet I am afraid this will not be the last court case about this. I expect in the end they will lose.
        But still, this is a nice surprise.

    1. I’ve heard of Clear Ink but they’re not talking or showing off any interesting details. I have my eye on the,

      The second company is what used to be known as Irex. I know they’re continuing their research but the status and abilities are still closely held secrets.

  1. Not sure if it’s significant, but diesel-ebooks.com has changed registrars from GoDaddy to Dotster, and the landing page switched from “We’re Cooking Up Something Cool. Get Ready. Diesel eBooks & eBook Eros” to a generic Dotster landing page today. Meanwhile, ebook-eros.com is still with GoDaddy and has the Cooking Up message.

    May just be a registration shuffle (I can’t blame anyone for getting away from GoDaddy), but perhaps worth keeping an eye open for further developments.

  2. Do you accept guest reviews? I got my hands onto a DPT-S1 with the intention of using it as a viewer for contract drawings (I’m in construction) and would like to write a short review about how it performs for that purpose since I couldn’t find any information on that anywhere when I tried to find out about it before purchasing it.

  3. Joe Nocera’s pro-Amazon column on the OpEd page today’s NYT. Unfortunately he seems to degrade his column with his final statement that he’s pro-Hachette and the current publishing industry model because it works for him. Were he smarter he would understand the issue is what works for the community and not merely what works for one individual. The real trouble with print newspapers (which they seem not to understand) is too much mediocrity in the service of publisher profits. It tells in the end–always does.

      1. I know you posted about InkCase. The news is that they were supposed to ship in October and until a few days ago there was absolutely no communication from the team that got funded on Kickstarter.
        People were getting worried.

        Yesterday they admitted that they are late – allegedly because of the fitcases.

        I personally can’t wait for a review, especially after the Inkphone failed miserably.

      2. Another InkCase update this morning:

        Hi Backers,

        Here is an update on the production status of InkCase+.

        We are now conducting pilot run and would eventually run the entire production by end Oct.

        Following are some pictures for your reference.

  4. Probably nothing but a store moving stuff around, but the B&N in Huntington Beach CA has removed all of its display nooks (the customer service counter and 2 tables of tablets and readers). This is a pretty jumping store. Lots of author signings and general traffic.

    There was no one there to ask, but I did wonder if the B&N/Nook uncoupling might be under way.

  5. Nate, you might want to take out my comment at the end of the KU post. It’s a duplicate of the comment in reply to a comment two comments above it. I don’t know how it wound up after the Ben Evans url so I moved it. Sorry if it’s trouble for you.

  6. What just irritated me (and what I’ve cheked now): Your web site seems to display some number of articles on the front page. But clicking the “Older posts” link at the bottom seems to hide one article, i.e., there is one article between the last one on the front page and the first one on page two. You can find it by clicking either of the latter and find the links beneath the texts that point to the next or previous post.

  7. Audible sent me an email at 5:30 telling me that I have a preordered audio book that would be delayed by one day. They’ve sent the same email about 50 times in the 45 minutes since then. What kind of a furshlugginer glitch causes that??

    1. Seriously, you haven’t heard this from anyone else? There must 150 emails in my inbox now, all identical. I figured they would eventually stop…not as yet.

        1. I’m beginning to think it’s only the specific blanket email concerning the delay of that particular preordered audio book. Somehow, it was caught in unending loop of send…send…send. I haven’t had one in 5 minutes, maybe it’s stopped. (Fingers crossed)

  8. Amazon KDP server has been down now for 15 hours. All KDP authors locked out. Maybe you can find out something from Amazon pr.

  9. I was extremely surprised to discover that Kobo’s new H20 eReader will not work with library eBooks. I’m a librarian an I discovered after hearing about a library patron that could not transfer an eBook to their reader successfully.
    It saddens me to think we have one less option and one more walled garden in the ecosystem of eReaders.
    This review has been the only place I have found mention of the eReader not working with DRM eBooks.

    1. Library eBooks are working fine on mine Kono H2o eReader. Ofcourse you need to setup your Adobe Digital Editions acount on your eReader, but that is something you need to do on every eReader. I’ve heard other people having difficulties with getting eBooks from their library’s on their H2o, i guess it a firmware related issue or something

      1. hmmm, interesting, Do you mean an older version of the firmware is incompatible but a newer version is? The reader was set up in conjunction with ADE. the book was downloaded to ADE then transferred to the device, the device would not open the book and gave the warning it was not authorized.

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