The ALA Wants You to Know that Libraries Are More Than Just a “Netflix for Books”

13232567193_45a92ba460_z[1]The launch of Kindle Unlimited last week spawned a round of articles calling for killing libraries and replacing them with KU subscriptions, and today the ALA fired back.

The American Library Association has released the results of their latest survey today, and according to the report libraries fill more needs in the community than simply as a warehouse for books. Continue reading

Ematic Hits New Low With New $50 Dual-Core Android Tablet

Ematic has made a name for itself over the past couple years by releasing cheaper and cheaper tablets of questionable quality, and this week they reached a new low. Brad Linder of Liliputing tipped me to a new Ematic tablet that runs Android 4.4 on a dual-core CPU and only costs $50 at TigerDirect.

That price only comes after a $20 mail-in rebate, so it’s not strictly the retail price, but it’s still darned cheap. And even at $70 this is a cheap tablet, so much so that I would avoid it. Continue reading

Fire Phone Teardown Doesn’t Inspire Me to Buy One, But I Would Buy a Kindle Fire 3D Tablet

amazon fire phone 1iFixit has already got their hands on the Fire Phone (before it was supposed to ship) and they’ve posted their usual teardown photos.  This is one complicated phone.

When Amazon officially unveiled the Fire Phone with its 6 cameras, we all guessed that it would be more complicated internally than your average smartphone and it turns out that’s true. From the outside it may look like a slim black slab, internally the iFixit team found a veritable mess of cables, connectors, and glue. Continue reading

Comixology to Offer DRM-free Comics

comixology mobileComixology has just confirmed the rumor I reported yesterday; they are adding an option for DRM-free comics. At the “Ask Me Anything” panel Thursday afternoon, co-founder and CEO David Steinberger confirmed the rumor, saying “We’re excited to make this DRM-free backup option available to our customers and publishers today”. Continue reading

Digital Comics Distributor Madefire Launches on Android

Madefire-iPhone-5-Treatment-Tokyo-Landscape-kw1[1]The digital comic pioneers at Madefire took some time from enjoying Comicon this week to release a new Android app.

This 3-year-old startup has made a name for itself by developing an eye-catching new type of comics called Motion Books, which it had been distributing to the iPad, iPhone, Windows 8, the Xbox, and today Android. Continue reading

Hip Video Explains All-Digital Library in Bexar County, Texas

BiblioTechPromo2[1]–Read an e-book at home or in the library, or a digital comic or graphic novel.

–Maybe even read E to your visiting  child if you’re a jailed mother.

–Use two-way Google Hangouts video to enjoy a virtual book club without leaving your house. Or go to the same event in person and see yourself later on YouTube. Continue reading