New Survey Shows eBook Buyers in the UK Outnumber Pirates By Fourteen to one

The aggressive/hoarder ebook pirate is often held up as the boogeyman of authors and publishers but that individual is rarer than you might think. A new report (PDF) released this month by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) showed that ebooks were the one type media least likely to be pirated. Coincidentally, the report also showed that casual… Read More »

Yuzu v2.0 for iPad Adds Many Basic Features the App Should Have Had At Launch

Barnes & Noble’s digital textbook app of last resort got an update this week which may have fixed some of problems plaguing the platform since it launched last spring. According to the changelog, Wednesday’s Yuzu update added a number of basic features like cross-device syncing, editable notes,  logging out of your account,  and the addition of… Read More »

Amazon Detractors Invited to Debate Its Monopolistic Bookselling on Twitter, But None Show Up

Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come, as the line from the poem goes, and that almost sums up what we saw on Twitter today. Earlier today LitChat held a TwitterChat on the #LitChat tag, and invited Authors United and its allies (ABA, The Authors Guild, the AAR) to discuss Au’s recent announcement that… Read More »