The Morning Coffee – 16 December 2014

Must read stories this Tuesday morning include a takedown of a legal commentary on the Apple appeal, a listicle on what hard-core readers say,  the impact of ebook legal restrictions on the visually impaired, and more.

  • 10 Obnoxious Things Hard-Core Readers Say to People (BOOK RIOT)
  • Another E-book Dip (PW)
  • Apple, E-Books and the Amazon Juggernaut (The Passive Voice)
  • E-Book Legal Restrictions Are Screwing Over Blind People (WIRED)
  • Judges question Apple ebook verdict and Amazon’s role (GigaOm)
  • What device are you reading on? (TeleRead)

Whether Apple Wins or Loses Their Appeal, The Consumer Still Comes Out Ahead

3233710827_34294f21b1[1]With  the Amazon-Hachette dispute settled and DBW not happening until next month, there's a shortage of fireworks in the digital publishing industry at the moment.

Apple's brief hearing today helped make up for that lack, but I don't think the show is going to last long or be as favorable for Apple as some would suggest. From GigaOm: Continue reading

Amazon Declares War on the Hyphen, Could the Semicolon be Next?

12115306_e839b0a22a_m[1]Amazon strives to always be responsive to customer requests, but they also like to reduce costs by making their staff stick to scripts whenever possible, and sometimes this can result in absurd situations.

Graeme Reynolds recounted one such situation yesterday. At the request of a customer, Amazon has declared hyphenated words verboten in the Kindle Store: Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 15 December 2014

Here are 7 stories to read this morning.

  • Apple ends its arguments in the DRM trial, but it’s far from over (The Verge)
  • Are you a subscriber? (Dear Author)
  • Can Apple Win Its E-book Appeal? (PW)
  • Marginalia’s moment: Philip Roth, Don DeLillo and the joys of writing in books ()
  • Star Trek and Literature, Part 2: Alien Language and Literature (TeleRead)
  • Why I Cancelled My Kindle Unlimited Subscription (Gear Diary)
  • Why I’m stopping self-publishing (Chocolate and Vodka)