Children in Mali Can Now Read PD eBooks, Wikipedia Thanks to MALebooks eReaders

Worldreader is probably the best known program which brings ereaders to 3rd-world countries but it’s not the only one. Between poverty, corruption, under-trained teachers, and a general dearth of libraries, the land-locked West African country of Mali has an educational system which hardly deserves the name. Mali’s neighbors hardly recognize its HS diploma, and it… Read More »

Google Play Books Rep Throws Up Hands, Tells Dutch Publisher That Nothing Can be Done About Obvious eBook Pirate

Google has a serious problem with piracy in Google Play Books. It lets just about anyone set up ebook shops in Google Play Books, and stock them with pirated ebooks. The pirates are allowed to upload copy after copy after copy of a pirated ebook, secure in the knowledge that Google won’t do anything more than… Read More »

B&N Puts Galaxy Tab Nook on Sale for Father’s Day (But No One is Buying Them)

Consumers may have given up on B&N’s beleaguered Nook platform, but the retailer has not. Barnes & Noble has sent out a press release and a marketing email touting two different deals for its rebranded Android tablet. They’re putting the Galaxy Tab Nook on sale for Father’s Day, and they’re also offering a trade-in program for… Read More »

It’s Official: German Media Retailer Saturn Takes Over Bankrupt Txtr

We’ve known for close to a month and a half that Saturn Media group, the parent company for the Media Markt, Saturn, and Redcoon chains of electronics stores, was taking over txtr’s bankrupt ebookstore. And now txtr’s customers have been officially informed (finally). I just got an email from txtr with the news that Juke Entertainment, one… Read More »

Audible Hires NPR VP of Programming Eric Nuzum to Head Original Content Team

Amazon has published books for the past four years and produced original tv shows since 2013, and now their latest hire at Audible suggests they plan to publish original audio content as well. reports that Audible has hired Eric Nuzum, the VP of Programming at National Public Radio. Starting in June, Nuzum will be SVP of Original Content at Audible…. Read More »