iVerse to Take on Comixology with Enhanced Support for DRM-free Comics

iverse_ipad1[1]One of the companies which Comixology crushed in taking control of the digital comics market is back again with a new app which targets the DRM-free comics market.

Bleeding Cool reports that iVerse was showing off a new app last week at NY Comicon that BC is describing as the iTunes of digital comics. Not only will the app support the digital comics sold by iVerse, it will also support CBZ and CBR formats. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 21 October 2014

With a sermon from Konrath, the death of digital magazines, and a debate over whether authors should convert their own ebooks or hire it out, the reading list is quite short this Tuesday morning.

  •  Amazon Will Slash Your Royalties!  (A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing)
  • Apple updates iBooks Author, adds in support for importing ePub and InDesign files (TNM)
  • Are Digital Magazines Dead? (WIRED)
  • Should You Convert Your Ebook Yourself, Or Hire A Professional? (Learn Out Live!)
  • Why the subscription dream of a ‘Netflix for books’ still has its limits (The Observer)

The Doctor is OUT

Paul_Krugman-press_conference_Dec_07th,_2008-8[1]Paul Krugman is a great economist and an interesting and entertaining polemicist. Most of the time.

Krugman’s specialty is international economics, and his book (with Maurice Obstfeld and Marc Melitz) on the subject is a standard text. But he’s also good on most other economics subjects. If you invest in bonds you’ve done a great deal better over the past few years following his advice than that of the famous (and mega-rich) “Bond King” Bill Gross. As Krugman has often stated, that’s not because he has some special insight; it’s because he relies on economic models that make sense and have been tested against the real world. It’s science in action, making rigorous and efficient use of available information.
Continue reading

Amazon Boosts KDP Select Pool to $5 Million, Adds KDP Select All-Stars Bonus On Top

9669156210_367b5e330e[1]Amazon still has yet to reveal how many Kindle users have signed up for Kindle Unlimited, but if the KDP Select fund is any indication then the subscriber base must be growing at a steady clip.

Amazon announced in the monthly KDP newsletter today that they were boosting the monthly pool for a second time: Continue reading

Amazon Signs New Contracts With Bonnier, Simon & Schuster

4130309782_543dd1643c[1]Reports are coming in today that the crusher of dreams and devourer of small kittens has reportedly signed new contracts with a publishers in Germany and the US.

Boersenblatt and the WSJ are reporting that Amazon has come to terms with Bonnier in Germany and S&S in the US, respectively. The specifics of the new contracts have not been disclosed, but the CEO of Bonnier’s German subsidiary is quoted as saying: Continue reading

Review: Kindle Voyage

kindle voyage 5Remember last November when TechCrunch said that the Kindle “Ice Wine” would feature improved typography and a much better screen? I didn’t believe parts of that report at the time, but there have been moments over the past few days where I think TC may have understated the case.

Amazon’s latest Kindle, the Voyage, arrived at my door on Friday and now that the embargo has been lifted on Monday I can finally tell you what I think. Three days isn’t really enough time to write a review, but I do have a few thoughts. (I got my unit later than some of the other reviewers.) Continue reading

Goodreader PDF App Updated

GoodReader[1]The best PDF app for iPad and iPhone was updated today with a bunch of bug fixes and new features.

In addition to direct support for loading files from iCloud, Goodreader also gained a couple new features which iPhone 6 owners will appreciate.  The iPhone version of Goodreader now supports a double-page view for PDF files, and there is an option for page rotation (landscape to portrait and back). Continue reading

Round Up: Kindle Voyage Reviews

Kindle-VoyageAmazon’s latest and greatest ereader officially broke embargo today, a day ahead of the official shipdate, and the early reviews have already been posted.

I just got my unit on Friday and am still working on the review, but other bloggers got their units earlier. So far I have 8 reviews to share, and they should offer plenty of detail for the discerning reader. Continue reading