Toronto Public Library Pulps Used Book Buying Program

+-*Citing author complaints and lackluster results, the Toronto Public Library announced yesterday that it was ending an unpopular cost-cutting measure. For the past four months the library has been running a controversial program where it would buy used books from the public.  It was paying $5 a piece for a select list of hardback titles. Only the… Read More »

No, Men and Women Aren’t Portrayed the Same in Comic Books (or on Book Covers, for That Matter)

+-*When people complain that women (even female superheros) are portrayed as sexual objects in comic books, one of the more common counter-arguments is that male superheroes are also drawn in an over-sexualized way “with attractive, muscular bodies designed to be ogled” as Boing Boing put it. Blogs like The Hawkeye Initiative have repeatedly shown the differences in… Read More »

Pebble Time Smartwatch Hits the FCC, Reveals That it has an LCD Screen

+-*When Pebble launched its new smartwatch last month they talked up its features and showed us a pretty screen, but they didn’t share much in the way of specific technical details. We knew that it had Bluetooth, microphone, 7 day battery life, and that it was waterproof. We also knew that the screen resolution matched the… Read More »

RadioShack Wants to Sell Customer Data, States File Suit

+-*The demise of RadioShack was already one of the more saddening corporate bankruptcies in recent history, and now it’s also one of the slimier ones. Ars Technica reports that the nearly 100-year-old company wants to auction off the personal data it has collected on nearly 117 million customers. The auction would have been held as part of RS’s court-supervised bankruptcy… Read More »