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HP Cracks the $99 Windows Tablet Barrier with the Stream 7

stream7_galleryZoom_img2 HP has just announced a pair of Windows 8 tablets which will cost $99 and up.

Launching  just in time to edge out the Toshiba Encore mini as the first of the $99 Windows tablets in the US market, the HP Stream 7 will feature an Intel Atom Z3735G CPU, and it will be matched by the $149 Stream 8. Continue reading

Amazon Fire Phone Knocked Down to $.99 Plus Two Year Contract

fire phoneAmazon just inadvertently confirmed last month's speculation on the early sales of the Fire Phone; they really have been terrible.

When the Fire Phone debuted close to three months ago, it was available exclusively from AT&T and cost $199 with a two year contract. Today Amazon slashed their prices, reducing the cost of the Fire Phone to 99 cents. Continue reading

First $99 Windows 8 Tablet Shows up in China

66Would you buy a $99 Windows tablet? You could be about to get your chance. Intel has been promising since April that we would see $99 Windows 8 tablets this year and one of the first has just made an appearance in China.

Kingsing is a name few will recognize (unless you frequent AliExpress or other international marketplaces) but this Chinese OEM has pulled off the feat which HP and Toshiba are still trying to accomplish. Continue reading

Intel is Once Again Talking of $99 Tablets

In October 2013 Intelintel-logo-blue promised that their CPUs would show up in $99 tablets by Christmas, and they (mostly) kept that promise when HP launched the Mesquite Android tablet on Black Friday.

Speaking last week at the Intel Developer Forum 2014, Intel VP Hermann Eul made a similar boast about $99 tablets, only this time he wasn't talking about Android. Intel is expecting to see  manufacturers release upwards of 90 Windows tablets this year, including models with price tags in the $99 to $129 range. Continue reading

Gajah’s Inkcase Smartphone Case w\E-ink Screen is Coming Next Month, Will Cost $99

gajah inkcase iphone 5 case 1One company or another has teased us with the possibility of adding an E-ink screen to the back of a smartphone for nearly 10 months now but it looks like Gajah will be the first to get their product on the market.

This Singapore-based device maker was at Computex 2013 this past week, where they showed off a new line of smartphone cases that are going to add a 3.5" or 4.3" E-ink screen to the rear of an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone. The cases are expected to hit the Chinese market next month, with a European release in September. These cases are expected to cost $99 to $129. Continue reading

10″ Augen Genbook 108 Android netbook – $99

1SaleaDay has the Augen Genbook 108 on sale right now. You have 7 more hours to buy this netbook.

According to the old K-mart listing, this netbook is running Android v2.1. on an 800MHz CPU. That's decent but not spectacular. It also has Wifi, a SD card slot, ethernet, and 2GB Flash.I would assume it also has speakers, but they're not listed.

It sold originally for $190, and it has now been discontinued. I also found a review on Youtube. Don't bother watching the videocast; just read the comments. A lot of people hate the one they bought.  I don't think it's worth the $99.





Check out my $.99 ebook light

So I was in my local dollar store the other day and I happened across this cheap junky book light. I've never bought a book light before because I'm too cheap, so this one appealed to me. And to be honest, I know I'm going to lose it, break it, or the batteries will run out just when I want to use it most.

This one  only cost a buck, and it's powered by 3 button batteries.  It works okay, and if I ever need to replace it I have a second one still in the plastic.

I checked on Amazon, and the cheapest one I could find started at about $4. I think I got a good deal.

Continue reading

iriver Cover Story now £99 at Waterstones

Yesterday I found the iriver Story on sale, and today I discovered that iriver's other ereader, the Cover Story, is on sale at Waterstones for only £99. That's £50 off the previous retail.

This ereader is based on a 6" E-ink screen, and it has a touchscreen, Wifi, 2GB Flash storage, a SD card slot, and a microphone. Ebook support includes PDF, txt, and Epub, and the Cover Story also supports some office formats like DOC, PPT, and XLS. In addition to the eBook support, the Story also has a voice recorder.