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Aldiko voted most popular reading app

Laptop Magazine have been running a contest over the past week to choose the best reading app.They just closed the polls today, and 169 out of 418 voters picked Aldiko (the Nook app came in second place).

Do you see what's wrong with that contest? I do, and there are many. First, when you have hundreds of people commenting on a topic your result is the most popular, not the best. I'll agree that Aldiko is certainly very good and it is also very popular. I'll even respect your opinion if you think it's the best - just so long as you explain why you think that. But if you have 400 people voting by checkbox you're not going to get a value judgment. Continue reading

Aldiko 2.0 now available

Technically it was already in the Marketplace, but today is the official release. Aldiko 2.0 is out of beta and you can now download it from the Android Market. It's worth it, trust me. I had one of the beta releases and I loved it.

Highlights of Aldiko 2.0 are:

  • A new eBook marketplace for you to access eBooks from different booksellers at one place
  • Rich features including bookmark, dictionary, full-text search, copy and paste, day/night themes, table of content, progress bar, hyphenation support as well as sharing your favorite texts/quotes in a book
  • An advanced library management system which enables you to sort books by different criteria as well as organize books by tags and collections
  • A new import feature which make it even easier for you to transfer all your ePub and PDF files to Aldiko and read them on the go.
  • A “My Catalog” feature which allows you to add your own eBook catalogs
  • Supporting eBooks from public libraries and enabling you to return your borrowed eBooks right within the app Continue reading

Review: Aldiko v2.0 (early release)

The latest version of Aldiko showed up in the Marketplace a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning write a review. This trip to CES gave me enough downtime that I could jot down a few notes.

The first thing you probably want to know is whether this app is worth buying. I would say yes. I'm cheap, so I normally wouldn't recommend a paid app. But this one is worth it. Aldiko already was my preferred app for Android and I am a pleased to tell you that they made it better. Continue reading

Aldiko updated – now you can buy ebooks from inside the app

Aldiko, in collaboration with Feedbooks, just released a new version of their app. It's now fully OPDS 1.0 compliant, so you can now buy ebooks from inside the app.

According to Hadrien Gardeur: The latest version of Aldiko (1.2.14) and 1.0 supports OPDS purchase in-app which means that our library is available in the application and that, unlike the competition (Kindle example), the transaction is fully in the application and not in the browser.

via Ebouquin

Review: Aldiko vs Kobo on a large Android tablet

The Kobo Android app was announced yesterday, and I thought this was a good idea to try it on a large screen. Everyone knew the Kobo app was going to work on Android phones, but not all Android apps work on a tablet.

BTW, as a favor to those who don't have access to the Android Market, the install file for the Kobo app is right here.


Aldiko has been covered elsewhere, so I'm going to go into a little detail on the Kobo app.  WHen you start the app, you're prompted to log in to your account.  The enxt thing you see s a list of ebooks you bought or downloaded, and across the bottom there are 5 menu options: I'm reading, discover, browse, search, and account. I quickly found that they missed a menu option: there's no way to tell the app to sync with my online bookshelf. But I figured out a way to trick it; downloading a free ebook (or buying one) will force the issue.

The Kobo app is not fast at opening an ebook, but the speed is adequate. Once inside the ebook you have 4 options: font size, font choice (3 fonts), TOC, and day/night mode. Turning the page quite fast. This is a very adequate reading app.


The apps both work full screen on the Entourage Edge, and that's important. The Edge has the highest resolution Android screen available, and not all apps can use the full screen. Some will only work in a window. Think of this screen as being the fore-runner for the large Android tablets and Android netbooks we might see one day.

They are about equally fast at turning the page in a book, and they both have access to an ebookstore. But that's where the comparison ends. Aldiko is better in every way. It gives you a lot more options in a book and in the library. It has more sources, and most importantly Aldiko supports screen rotation.

I'd get the Kobo app only if you already use it elsewhere, but I would not get it instead of Aldiko.


  • full screen
  • lots of formatting options
  • lots of library options
  • lots of free ebook sources
  • Smashwords ebookstore
  • screen rotation supported


  • full screen
  • tied to the Kobo store
  • account required
  • basic formatting only
  • full justification only