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Mike Shatzkin is Wrong About Amazon’s 100% Revenue Offer to Hachette Authors

4243188382_e5176cb75c_b[1]Earlier this week Amazon stunned the publishing world when they sent a letter to agents and authors affected by the contract dispute with Hachette. That letter, which was soon leaked to the press, included details which suggested Hachette was not negotiating in good faith, and it offered to remove authors from the conflict by giving them 100% of their respective Kindle ebook sales. Continue reading

Amazon’s Reputation Untarnished by Hachette Contract Dispute

4245550588_9e56b4e8db_o[1]The book world might be in a fury over the 8 month old Amazon Hachette contract dispute but it looks like most consumers don’t care.

A new report from YouGov BrandIndex shows that Amazon’s reputation has only been minimally affected by the ongoing fight. This research firm, which last year ranked Amazon the best-perceived brand in the US, says that: Continue reading

Amazon’s Next Acquisition Target to Close 500 RedBox Vending Machines

4915877967_df4c144cfa_b[1]Amazon likes to make big capital investments to reduce their operating costs and labor costs, and I think I found the next company to help them do that.

The WSJ reported earlier this week that Outerwall, the parent company of Coinstar and Redbox, is going to be scaling back their network of DVD vending machines: Continue reading

Tales of Amazon’s Dominance of UK Online Retail Were Greatly Exaggerated

Theamazoncoms-secret-retail-empire[1] BBC is reporting this week that Amazon has half of Britain’s online retail market, but I’m not so sure that there are enough facts to back up the claim.

On Sunday the BBC broadcast and published a documentary that examined Amazon’s dominance of UK retail. The text version of the piece led with a startling claim: Continue reading

Court Dismisses Booksellers’ Antitrust Lawsuit, Amazon’s eBook Monopoly Allowed to Continue Unhindered

In a 19 page ruling released 5833267013_759e7e2e00[1]late last week, Judge Jed Rakoff dismissed the ant-trust lawsuit filed by a trio of indie booksellers.

He described the claims made by indie booksellers Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Posman Books, and Fiction Addition as “threadbare allegations”, thus bringing to a close what had to have been one of the stranger lawsuits of 2013. Continue reading

New Tax Rules in the EU Will Wipe Out Amazon’s Tax Loophole

EuropeFlag[1]Starting in 2015 the European Union is going to change the rules for tax collection, and the new rules are probably going to help level the playing field in the European ebook markets.

According to the Luzme ebook blog (and confirmed on an official EU website), European web retailers are going to have to change how they collect VAT for electronic services (this includes ebooks) sold to EU customers. The retailer is now going to have to charge customers based on where the customer lives, and not where the retailer operates. Continue reading

Whatever Happened to Amazon’s Retail Stores?

Not gonna happen any time soon
Not gonna happen any time soon

Remember last February when everyone was talking about the rumor that Amazon was going to open retail stores in Seattle? Today I decided to dig up that old story and see what if anything became of it.

As you might recall, in early February 2012 everyone and their sister was repeating a rumor that Amazon was about to launch retail stores in the Seattle area. The original source for the rumor was Good eReader, which reported that they had sources at Amazon that told them: Continue reading