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Bookeen Announces Two New eReaders, Promises to Ship the Long Awaited Ocean eReader Next Month

cybook-ocean-2Bookeen held a press conference today to announced that they would be shipping 3 new ereaders next month. In addition to the much-delayed Ocean, Bookeen is also about to ship a couple 6" ereaders, the Cybook Muse Essential and the Cybook Muse Frontlight.

The Cybook Muse sports a 6" Pearl HD E-ink screen with a touchscreen and page turn buttons. It runs Bookeen's proprietary reading software on an 800MHz Freescale CPU with 4GB internal storage, a microSD card slot, and Wifi. Continue reading

Simon & Schuster Announces New Library eBook Pilot with OverDrive

Simon 5736110401_14cef92cd9[1]& Schuster took another tepid step into the library ebook market today with the launch of a new pilot program.

This publisher has long been a holdout in the library ebook market, and until April 2013 they were famous for only allowing a single title to be sold to public libraries. Today they announced that they're partnering with OverDrive to sell ebooks to 15 libraries 31 libraries across the US, including some of the nation's biggest, highest circulating library systems. Continue reading

Nook Media Announces New Update for Nook iOS App, Forgets to Also Release Update

nook itunesBarnes & Noble Nook Media put out a press release this morning touting a new Nook app for iPad and iPhone, but so far as I can tell the app isn't actually available yet.

According to the press release, the Nook app for iPad can now display digital comics with Zoom view, B&N's own name for the directed viewing mode found in most comic book apps (Kindle, comiXology, etc).  That's great news, or at least it was great news when this feature was added to the app in March 2013. Continue reading

Simon & Schuster Announces eBook Pilot Program in NYC

14029418_8bcbabab41[1]One of the last remaining holdouts among the Big Six Five publishers announced today that they were launching a new program to test the idea of selling ebooks to public libraries.

Simon & Schuster is starting a one year pilot in which they plan to "sell" ebooks to  the Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library, and the Queens Library. These 3 libraries, which serve a combined population of over 8.3 million, will have the option of buying from the publishing company’s complete catalog. The ebook titles will be sold under a 1 year license, after which they will expire and need to be repurchased. Continue reading

Infibeam announces the Phi – 7″ tablet running Android, WinCE

You might recall that I've covered Infibeam's ereader, the Pi, and that Infibeam also has a line of cellphones. Well, Infibeam has just posted the product page for the Phi, their new 7" tablet. It won't ship until 30 July, but they are taking pre-orders for 14,999Rs.

The specs are run of the mill, but the battery life seems a little short:

  • 600 MHZ CPU (Android)
  • 256MB RAM
  • 7" 800x480 screen
  • 8GB Flash
  • microSDHC card slot (up to 32GB supported)
  • weight: 332 g
  • 5 hours battery life
  • accelerometer
  • microphone

Curiously enough, the WinCE version of the Phi has an 800MHz CPU and weighs about 60g more. This is a good sign that they didn't just slap 2 OSes on the same hardware. That's reassuring, IMO. I've found that whenever a company puts 2 OS versions on 1 set of budget hardware at least 1 OS is only marginally useful.

Infibeam announce cell phone brand

You might recall that I've covered Infibeam before. They're a web retailer based in India who launched an ereader back in January and a digital publishing platform in May.

Infibeam announced 3 branded cell phones yesterday. From the press release:

The company has already launched its initial three models I666, I5000 and I500 at attractive price points. I666 with its qwerty keyboard is aimed at the business user and is equipped with a G-Sensor. I5000 is a stylish flip phone with glossy red color aimed at the fashion savvy clientele and comes with Bluetooth and EDGE. I500 with a WQVGA touch screen and a 3.2 inch high resolution camera is the topmost mobile in the line-up. All the phones support GSM quad-band and come with features such as FM Radio, Camera, Wi-Fi, Java, Dual-SIM, multi-language support, memory card extensibility etc.

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