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Bookeen Announces Two New eReaders, Promises to Ship the Long Awaited Ocean eReader Next Month

Bookeen held a press conference today to announced that they would be shipping 3 new ereaders next month. In addition to the much-delayed Ocean, Bookeen is also about to ship a couple 6″ ereaders, the Cybook Muse Essential and the Cybook Muse Frontlight. The Cybook Muse sports a 6″ Pearl HD E-ink screen with a touchscreen and page… Read More »

Simon & Schuster Announces New Library eBook Pilot with OverDrive

Simon & Schuster took another tepid step into the library ebook market today with the launch of a new pilot program. This publisher has long been a holdout in the library ebook market, and until April 2013 they were famous for only allowing a single title to be sold to public libraries. Today they announced… Read More »

Nook Media Announces New Update for Nook iOS App, Forgets to Also Release Update

Barnes & Noble Nook Media put out a press release this morning touting a new Nook app for iPad and iPhone, but so far as I can tell the app isn’t actually available yet. According to the press release, the Nook app for iPad can now display digital comics with Zoom view, B&N’s own name… Read More »

Simon & Schuster Announces eBook Pilot Program in NYC

One of the last remaining holdouts among the Big Six Five publishers announced today that they were launching a new program to test the idea of selling ebooks to public libraries. Simon & Schuster is starting a one year pilot in which they plan to “sell” ebooks to  the Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public… Read More »

Infibeam announces the Phi – 7″ tablet running Android, WinCE

You might recall that I’ve covered Infibeam’s ereader, the Pi, and that Infibeam also has a line of cellphones. Well, Infibeam has just posted the product page for the Phi, their new 7″ tablet. It won’t ship until 30 July, but they are taking pre-orders for 14,999Rs. The specs are run of the mill, but… Read More »