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Asus announces eeePad, eeeTablet at Computex

Asus held a press conference today at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. Among the many products mentioned were the eeePad and the eeeTablet. One is a LCD tablet, sand the other is an ereader with an 8" screen.

The eeePads are a pair of Windows 7 tablets with 10" and 12" screens. I'm not going to cover them because  of the screen size and OS. The eeePad (as hardware) is a little too far outside the category of ereader. If you want to learn more then you should check out Engadget.

BTW, if you're wondering why I cover the iPad but not the eeePad it's because the iPad is the exception to the rule. It has a larger user base, more support from developers, and a better user experience than I expect from Win7 tablets. And I don't really cover the iPad, I cover iPad apps.

The eeeTablet, on the other hand, has an unique 8" LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 768x1024. There's no backlight, but it does have 64 levels of grayscale. There's also a microSD card slot and a 2 megapixel camera. Battery life is supposed to be 10 hours, and Engadget reported that the eeePad was quite heavy.

Check out their video:


P.S. There was something missing from the press conference. Asus released pictures of their 9" ereader some time back, but it's not mentioned here.I don't know why, but I know a couple people who are at Computex and I've asked them to follow up.