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The 2 Asus e-readers (video)

Notebook Italia got their hands on both of the new Asus ereaders when they were at CeBIT a couple weeks ago. This is the first video I've seen that compared the 2, and the differences are fascinating. I especially like this photo they took shoiwng the edges of the 2 gadgets. It really brings the difference in to focus.

The video is after the break.

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Asus eeePad MeMo to ship with Android v3.0

JKKMobile got an early look at the Asus eeePad MeMo on display at CeBIT this week.

This 7" Android tablet is going to launch sometime soon, and now we know that it will ship with the latest version of Android, Honeycomb, which has been optimized to work better on tablets.

In addition to Honeycomb, this tablet has a 7" capacitive touchscreen, 1,2GHz CPU, USB Host, a microSD card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, and an optional GSM wireless. Other hardware features include  a gyro, compass accelerometer, light and proximity sensors, and 2 cameras (one with flash).

It's supposed to sell for $499, and debut in June.

There's a photo of a spec sheet after the break.

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PDF & Epub on the Asus eeeNote

I came across a blog last night where someone had been documenting his experiences with the Asus eeeNote. He bought one back at the beginning of January, can you believe it?

Asus really put a lot of work into this thing.

The eeeNote has some impressive annotation abilities including scribbles, typed notes, and bookmarks. You can even do screenshots with and without your scribbled notes, and that sets the eeeNote apart from most every other ereader.

He's shot a bunch of videos and covered the features in extensive detail. (I'm still digging through it, myself.) Here is a video he did on PDF and Epub. It's a little long, though. I think the post is worth reading.

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Asus eeeNote to sell for “under $200″ in the US

One of Asus' official blogs just posted a promo post for the eeeNote. Asus are promising that the eeeNote, their ereader with a grayscale LCD screen, will be available "soon"  with a retail under $200.

If that is for real, then the ereader market just flipped upside down again. With that retail price it's a serious threat to the Nook, Kindle, NookColor, everything. Hell, with 13 hours battery life it's a threat to Android tablets.

The eeeNote is based on a unique low power LCD screen, and it has Wifi, a Wacom touch screen, microSD card slot, speakers, a microphone, and judging from the video it has a pretty impressive set of apps.

There's a demo video after the break.

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Asus eeeNote has serious issues with its screen (video)

One of the early buyers of Asus' new ereader, the Asus eeeNote, has posted a video showing that the screen on the eeeNote is exceptionally picky about lighting.

But I don't know much about lighting a video so I'd appreciate a second opinion. Does this looked rigged? I'm having trouble believing that the screen could be this poor. Continue reading

Asus eeeNote EA800 coming to Europe in February

The other Asus ereader just got price and release date. Asus plan to have this available in Europe next month with a retail of 259 € (about $355USD).

The eeeNote is based on a low powered 8" grayscale LCD screen (1024x768), and it has a Wacom touchscreen with a pressure sensitive pen, Wifi, 4GB Flash, microSD card slot,and a 2MP camera.  According to Notebook Italia, the specs claim 13 and a half hours battery life.

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Asus DR-900 product page now live

Asus have updated the product page for their 9" Sipix screen ereader. At this point I'd say that it doesn't really matter; we already knew most everything on the page.

The DR-900 is based on a 9" Sipix screen (1024 x 768 resolution) with a capacitive touchscreen. It has 2GB Flash, a microSD card slot, Wifi, speakers, and a headphone jack. Ebook support includes PDF, TXT, ePub, HTML, FB2, and CBZ.

According to one of my sources, it should be available in Taiwan in January.

Notebook Italia are reporting that it will be sold in Italy sometime in December for 319 euros.


Asus EEE Note A800 detailed

Do you recall the EEE Tablet that Asus unveiled at Computex? No wait, it was the EEE Pad, wasn't it? Ah heck with it. Asus are pretty bad about naming a device and sticking with it. They're also pretty bad about giving clear information on their gadgets.

What I do know is that the 8" grayscale  ereader like device that Asus showed off at Computex now has a product page and a new name. This is the EEE Note A800: Continue reading

First hands on with the Asus DR-900 (video)

I just came across the first hands on review of the new Asus DR-900. The review is in Spanish, but I linked to a translated version. Start here.

All in all, the reviewer sounds impressed. He has a few problems becuase this ereader was released for the Chinese market, but none were insurmountable.

I can finally confirm some hardware details from the pictures. This ereader has 2 speakers, a microSD card slot, Touchscreen, Wifi, and an empty spot where 3G could have gone. Apps include an on device ebookstore and a browser.

I think the review is worth reading just for the pictures. Check it out.

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