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Adobe Updates Digital Edition, Stops Sharing User Info With the Internet

102270156_9df8e81154[1]Adobe rolled out a new update for their Digital Editions Epub app today, and I have good news, bad news, and okay news.

This is a relatively minor update to the month-old Epub app, and the good news is that it adds a full text search option as well as a new display window for search results. Continue reading

Amazon Just Conquered the Kids Tablet Market with the $150 Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

FireHD_KidsEdition[1]With Kindle Freetime, Kindle Freetime Unlimited, and an investment in an ed tech startup, Amazon has long shown an interest in the footie pajama customer base. On Wednesday they targeted those customers with a new kid's tablet option.

The Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition is not so much a new tablet as it is a customized version of the Kindle Fire HD 6 or HD 7 tablets which launched Wednesday night. Continue reading

Free Android App: Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition

Sally's Salon Luxury EditionSally's Salon Luxury Edition

  • Join Sally in this dazzling makeover of the hit time management game.
  • Help her wash, dye, cut, style and much more on her way to superstar status.
  • Enjoy new features, including 5 additional locations, upgraded graphics and enhanced visual effects.
  • Serve more customer types, earn new trophies and score new ranks.
  • Hire helpful employees, purchase salon upgrades and keep clients happy.

List Price: $ 1.99

Price: $ 1.99

Minimum Android Required: Varies by device

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Textbook Publisher Claims License on New Edition, Demands Students Return the Paper Textbook

No publisher 41Sx9dh9WoL[1]hates the first sale doctrine more than textbook publishers. Over the years they have tried numerous tricks to stop students from reselling their books, including releasing new editions containing minimal revisions, bundling licensed digital content, and convincing professors to create custom editions.

Wolters Kluwer, via their law publisher subsidiary Aspen, has come up with a new scheme to discourage law students from reselling their legal casebooks. According to Josh Blackman, a law professor in Texas, they are attaching a license to the sale of paper books: Continue reading

Across the Pond, E-readers are not Library Equivalents Edition

Leo Benedictus writes in Prospect Magazine about the closing of libraries in England and the rise of e-reading. Salient quote:

The talk of a future in which children cannot access books is also not just wrong, but backwards. E-readers—already available for £52 ($83), and falling—offer an incomparably more convenient way for anyone to find good things. While defending libraries, surely there is also time to promote the fact that, thanks to Project Gutenberg and Google Books, every child in the country can now download virtually any out-of-copyright book for nothing. (Piracy will doubtless do the same for most in-copyright books too, as may digital lending, though this is less cause for celebration.)

He goes on to argue that digital readers will be able to provide children with libraries of their own. I would agree with that notion if libraries were simply book access centers; who wouldn’t want to make it easier for readers to get a hold of books? But libraries operate beyond that capacity. E-readers do not provide the same internet access as current library computer labs; they do not have classes on computer use or other topics; nor do they provide programming for people of all ages.

Continue reading

Review: Sony Touch Edition, Pocket Edition (PRS-350, PRS-650)

Sony announced this pair of ereader in September 2010, and at long last I am posting my review. The Touch Edition and Pocket Edition are updates to Sony's existing 5" and 6". Their design is an evolutionary improvement, and not revolutionary. (I really wish they'd get ahead of their competition, and I'll get into that later in the post.)

You can click on all the pictures to view larger versions. Continue reading