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Notes from an electronic ink exhibit & conference in Berlin

There was an art exhibit and conference last week in Berlin. Actually there probably were several exhibits, but the one I'm interested in focused on electronic ink.

I obviously wasn't able to attend, and right now I'm really regretting not getting someone to go on my behalf. Check out the lead picture (bigger version at the end). It appears to be a prototype electronic ink tablet that someone brought to the conference.  They let attendees play with it. (I'm still trying to find out what it is.)

Update: What you're looking at is a tethered artist's tablet with a 10" color screen made by Bridgestone (and the touchscreen was Wacom).  This was a prototype that is  still under development by Tebaldo. They don't know when it will hit the market.

click to embiggen

This picture at right is from SID Display Week 2010.

BTW, you may have noticed that the screen has appears to have rather low resolution for color. It did. I'm told that the resolution for color was 72 ppi and the resolution for grayscale was 170 ppi. I don't have the specific technical details for this screen, but I suspect it has a color filter layer on top of the epaper screen (like the color E-ink).

But I do have a summary of the event from the Galarno blog (and a slideshow on Youtube): Continue reading

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre now support DAISY format

I found this over on the Daisy Consortium blog:

Nearly all of the publications digitized by the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre are now also available in DAISY format to support the needs of readers with print disabilities.

Thanks to a grant from the Community Partnership Fund, and in collaboration with the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind, the NZETC has generated DAISY books for 1,064 titles in its collection, including a number of required course texts.

To access an e-text in DAISY format, readers can select "DAISY ebook" from the list of "Other Formats" when browsing the NZETC title page. More information is available on the Victoria University of Wellington Library website.

Franklin Electronic Publishers releases visual dictionary apps for iPhone

From the press release:

Franklin Electronic Publishers announced today the release of 12 visual dictionary translation applications for use with Apple's iPhone®, iPad™ and iPod touch® mobile digital devices.  While historically, Franklin provided language solutions on its proprietary devices, Franklin is now releasing ViDICTO+ Mytrip applications for download to 3rd party devices such as the Apple line-up.  Initially the ViDICTO+ Mytrip applications are available in 11 language pairs, either English or German centric, at the App Store for $5.99 each with a compact version of the English-to-Spanish version available for free.  These applications combine the features of a visual dictionary, talking phrasebook, regular dictionary and learning application all in a single offering. The applications run "offline," so internet and data connections are not required for use.

Each visual dictionary allows the lookup of words and phrases through a variety of categories, linking language to an activity or location.  Words and phrases are presented in a combination of pictures, spoken language and written words to aid in learning and memorization.  All recorded words and phrases are pronounced by native speakers.  Contextual phrases are available in every entry and any word or phrase can be saved to personalized "short lists" for easy access.  A "trainer" mode is available for quizzes.

I downloaded the free Spanish-English dictionary. The color scheme is garish, but other than that I think the app is well designed.