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POD Service Blurb Buys Graphicly, Will Shutter Its Distribution Service

There’s an old adage in economics that a period of consolidation usually follows a period of rapid expansion. No one would argue that digital publishing just went through a 7 year period with many new startups launched, and after today I think it is clear the industry is entering a period of consolidation.

Graphic.ly Android app now available

The Digital comics distributor Graphic.ly released an Android app today. This app brings access to the more than 150 publishers distributed by Graphic.ly, including Archaia Entertainment, Archie Comics and BOOM! Studios. Graphic.ly is a little late to the party; ComiXology had their Android app out in December. The app is available in the Marketplace and… Read More »

Graphic.ly Expands to Windows Platform, Enhances Online Comics Store

From the press release: Graphic.ly, the digital media platform for comic books and communities, announces a new application for Windows 7-based devices, as well as improvements to its online comics store that will make it easier for people to start and participate in conversations about new and popular titles. The Windows 7 app is optimized… Read More »