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Amazon Expands KDP Select with New Bonuses for Top-Performing Indie Authors

4340980647_3237664cc3_o[1]Amazon quietly expanded  the funding for KDP Select yesterday, adding nearly three million dollars in bonuses.

Launched in late 2011, KDP Select is a program in Amazon’s self-pub platform which offers indie authors special  privileges in exchange for exclusivity. Continue reading

Have the Negotiations Broken Down? Amazon Calls on Indie Authors and Publishers to Lobby Hachette

252185030_616b864353_z[1]Amazon fired their latest salvo in the pr battle with Hachette this morning, and for once I wonder if they made a mistake.

The retailer sent out an email to all authors and publishers currently signed up with KDP, asking them to take a side in the ongoing contract dispute with Hachette. The letter can be read at readersunited.com, so I won’t quote it here, but I do wish to comment on it. Continue reading

At Long Last: Indie Bookseller Named Official Bookseller for National Book Festival

poster_enlarge[1]After 5 long years of national chains outbidding indies for the privilege, the 14th annual National Book Festival is finally going to feature a local indie bookstore as the official bookseller.

The ABA announced last week that Politics & Prose, the venerable Washington DC bookseller, had been named to the role. This is the first time an indie bookseller has won the contract for the annual festival, which last year drew more than 200,000 visitors to the National Mall. Continue reading

Laura Miller’s Salon Piece on Indie Authors, Amazon, and Hachette Shows Much of What’s Gone Wrong in the Trad Pub / Indie Pub Debate

A couple days ago Salon.com weighed in on the Amazon-Hachette dispute with a new angle. In a piece ostensibly written to self-published authors, Laura Miller makes a case that indie authors should side with Hachette against Amazon.

If you  follow publishing news I am sure that you have already read the article, but it’s okay if you have not. I don’t plan to debate whether she is right or wrong; instead I plan to discuss the type, tone, and context of Miller’s arguments. Continue reading

It’s not just Hachette and Warner Brothers, Amazon Has Stopped Taking Pre-Orders Indie KDP Titles, Too

warner-bros-logo[1]News is breaking today that even more of Amazon’s suppliers are on the outs with the retailer.

The New York Times reported yesterday that Amazon appears to also be in conflict Warner brothers. Amazon is reportedly responding to a contract dispute with Warner Brothers by removing the pre-order buttons from movies produced or distributed by that studio: Continue reading

Amazon Now Recruiting Indie Bookstores to Sell Kindle, Tells Them About the Awesome Cookies

korb2blogo[1]Remember the story from June about Amazon recruiting indie booksellers to promote and sell the Kindle?

It turns out that wasn’t as crazy of a rumor as it appeared, because Amazon just went public with the program. They’ve issued a press release for a new program called Amazon Source, which according to Amazon will make it “easy for independent bookstores and small retailers to earn additional revenue by selling Kindles”. Continue reading

By The Numbers: Indie Publishing Really Does Have an Issue with Porn

When thebow chicka wow wow mainstream media made indie publishing into a synonym for pornography last week I was both appalled and infuriated. Many sites, including The Daily Mail and The Kernel, were reporting on the news less because it was news and more for the tabloidistic shock value.

But as annoying as that may be, today I am going to have to admit that there was more than a grain of truth in the reports. It’s not just media hype; indie publishing has a porn problem. Continue reading

BitTorrent Bundle Could be a New Way for Indie Publishers to Sell eBooks

bittorrent bundleBitTorrent launched a new commerce platform today that promises to offer artists and authors a new way to sell directly to fans/readers.

It’s called BitTorrent Bundle, and it’s going live today in a private alpha test with 8 launch partners: FADER, Cinedigm, The Collective, Gravitas Ventures, Converge Studios, Topspin, Interloper Films, and Tim Ferriss. Continue reading

Amazon Now Hiring Kindle Sales Reps, Also Recruiting Indie Bookstores

AmazonRetail_2013_04_21[1]Editor’s note: No, this is not a delayed April Fool’s Day joke.

When I caught up with Kobo at BEA 2013 last week they made a big deal about how their ABA member partners were having a positive effect on their ebook sales. It seems Amazon has also noticed Kobo’s success, because the retail giant appears to be building a similar network of retail partners.

Update: Amazon officially launched the program in November 2013.

Continue reading

Lulu Partners with BookLamp to Offer Indie Authors a Look Inside Their Manuscripts

LuluLogo[1]The Author Solutions front company (link) self-pub service Lulu is going to be showing off a new service later this week at the uPublishU conference on Saturday.

It’s called Helix, and it’s designed to give authors an objective analysis of how their book matches up against similar titles. Continue reading