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Mike Shatzkin Encounters Socially-Aware Indie Authors, is Confused

Mike Shatzkin is a noted pundit in the publishing industry, but there are times that he truly misses the point. A couple days ago Mike posted a new screed in which he questions the motivations of indie authors who bash the legacy publishing industry. While Mike can see how advocates of the legacy industry are fighting for… Read More »

Amazon Expands KDP Select with New Bonuses for Top-Performing Indie Authors

Amazon quietly expanded  the funding for KDP Select yesterday, adding nearly three million dollars in bonuses. Launched in late 2011, KDP Select is a program in Amazon’s self-pub platform which offers indie authors special  privileges in exchange for exclusivity.

Have the Negotiations Broken Down? Amazon Calls on Indie Authors and Publishers to Lobby Hachette

Amazon fired their latest salvo in the pr battle with Hachette this morning, and for once I wonder if they made a mistake. The retailer sent out an email to all authors and publishers currently signed up with KDP, asking them to take a side in the ongoing contract dispute with Hachette. The letter can… Read More »

At Long Last: Indie Bookseller Named Official Bookseller for National Book Festival

After 5 long years of national chains outbidding indies for the privilege, the 14th annual National Book Festival is finally going to feature a local indie bookstore as the official bookseller. The ABA announced last week that Politics & Prose, the venerable Washington DC bookseller, had been named to the role. This is the first… Read More »

Laura Miller’s Salon Piece on Indie Authors, Amazon, and Hachette Shows Much of What’s Gone Wrong in the Trad Pub / Indie Pub Debate

A couple days ago Salon.com weighed in on the Amazon-Hachette dispute with a new angle. In a piece ostensibly written to self-published authors, Laura Miller makes a case that indie authors should side with Hachette against Amazon. If you  follow publishing news I am sure that you have already read the article, but it’s okay… Read More »

It’s not just Hachette and Warner Brothers, Amazon Has Stopped Taking Pre-Orders Indie KDP Titles, Too

News is breaking today that even more of Amazon’s suppliers are on the outs with the retailer. The New York Times reported yesterday that Amazon appears to also be in conflict Warner brothers. Amazon is reportedly responding to a contract dispute with Warner Brothers by removing the pre-order buttons from movies produced or distributed by… Read More »