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There’s Something Missing From This College Bookstore: Books

6966883093_5fa64ed49e[1]Remember that Florida university with the bookless library? Here's one with a bookless bookstore.

Lynn University, a small private school in Boca Raton, FL, went to a digital-first curriculum last year, and this year they're following up that bold move with an even bolder one. Paving the way for B&N, this liberal arts school has removed all of the books from its bookstore: Continue reading

Users are Reporting the New Comixology App is Missing Old Purchases

Amazon ComiXology_Submit_TMCM_iPadignited a storm of protest when they removed the in-app store from the Comixology app on Saturday, but the story isn't over yet.

Numerous comic fans have reported on Twitter that the new Comixology app has lost many of their existing purchases. In addition to no longer being able to buy content inside the app, they are no longer able to even read some of the content they already bought! Continue reading

The Missing Ingredient: Quality Control in Indie eBooks

To me, the lack of quality control is a big deterrent to paying more than a dollar or two for an indie ebook from an author whose books I have not previously read. In the beginning, Smashwords was a great place to find indie books and give them a try, but that is rapidly changing as the number of indie ebooks rapidly increases. As Smashwords has grown, as indie publishing has grown with the rise of ebooks, and as the needle in the haystack has become increasingly difficult to find, we need to implement a method that imposes some sort of quality control. Continue reading

Did you notice what was missing from the Kindle 4 Android update?

A few days ago Amazon released an updated version of their Kindle app for Android. They added a number of really neat annotation and collaboration features, but there was one in particular that they left out. It's not that subtle, so I'm surprised that so few noticed.

They didn't add the audio and video support that the iOS app has.

It might not seem like a big deal, but this is actually a major split in abilities. By limiting the media support to just iOS, Amazon are saying that it's not a major feature and they're not planning to support it. Media support will only be a gimmick.

If this is true, then it will give ebook media apps a shot in the arm. (Heck, they were mostly on iOS anyway.) That would be unfortunate; I liked the idea of having cross platform enhanced ebooks.

I'm going to wait and see if this support is included in the next version of K4PC. If it's not, then I'm right.