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Qualcomm+Sharp’s Low Power Screen Tech to Give Liquavista a Run for Its Money in 2015

sharp pixtronix mems igzoSharp put out a press release this morning announcing that the cutting edge screen tech which they have been co-developing for the past few years is finally going to hit the market.

Or at least that is what they hope to accomplish; as with any new tech the final step of getting it into production is often the trickiest. Continue reading

Digital textbooks will save you money – Hah

I was playing around with a textbook search engine today and I kept seeing one of my theories about digital textbooks being proved over and over.

I'm sure Book.ly has been around for a while, but I only just heard about it when they spammed my old college email address. Normally I delete spam like this and forget about it, but the email mentioned that book.ly also covered ebooks. I couldn't see where anyone had posted on this part of book.ly before so I thought it worth looking into. Continue reading

Dehydrated books, or how to make money off of fan fiction and unauthorized sequels

Imagine that this evening I follow a friend’s link to a new Harry Potter book, one that essentially replaces “The Sorcerer’s Stone” in the canon with a Year 1 adventure that’s darker and closer in tone to the final few books, but that wasn’t written or authorized by J. K. Rowling. The link I follow leads to a description that never mentions Potter or Rowling–it’s just a generic fantasy plot, and the author is described as an amateur writer whose previous fanfic has been highly rated by readers. I buy it for a couple of dollars. Continue reading

The MegaReader iOS app is a waste of money

There's a new reading app in iTunes that was released a couple weeks ago. It's being sold for $1.99 and it offers access to 1.8m titles.

If you buy it then you have wasted your money. You can get all the same titles for free through Stanza. Basically this is just a for pay version of Stanza. Don't waste your time getting this app.

Yes, I did buy a copy. It's not worth 2 bucks.


Update:  Mike Cane tipped me to a video on Youtube. Continue reading