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New digital newstand to launch soon?

Wall Street Jounal is reporting:

The country's largest magazine publishers are gearing up to launch their own service for distributing digital publications on tablets, competing head-on with technology companies they've relied on to distribute their apps to date.

More than a year after it was first announced, Next Issue Media, a joint-venture of five media companies, will launch in the next few months, Morgan Guenther, NIM's chief executive, said in an interview this week. Continue reading

Apple add Newstand section to App Store

Apple added a new section to the Features tab of the App Store. It's called Newstand, and you can access it on all iOS devices. This new section highlights news source apps like newspapers, magazines, and web sources like Zinio, Instapaper, and NPR News.

Probably the only ones who will care are the information junkies (like me). I do like it. Here are all the apps I used to have to find with the search function. Shiny.

via iLounge