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9 Popular Kindle games now on sale

Amazon are having a sale  this week, and I have to say I’m a little tempted. You can now get any of 9 Kindle apps for under a buck. I’m not sure I want to play most of these, but at this price I’m willing to experiment.

The sale runs until 27 March.

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Aldiko voted most popular reading app

Laptop Magazine have been running a contest over the past week to choose the best reading app.They just closed the polls today, and 169 out of 418 voters picked Aldiko (the Nook app came in second place).

Do you see what’s wrong with that contest? I do, and there are many. First, when you have hundreds of people commenting on a topic your result is the most popular, not the best. I’ll agree that Aldiko is certainly very good and it is also very popular. I’ll even respect your opinion if you think it’s the best – just so long as you explain why you think that. But if you have 400 people voting by checkbox you’re not going to get a value judgment. Continue reading

Popular Mechanics Interactive Edition

The key attributes that will really excite me about a magazine app are whether it encourages exploration and discovery.  Those two characteristics are at the heart of what should distinguish the app from a print magazine.  The app should offer rich content depth that the print product is physically incapable of.  The Popular Mechanics app has some areas that show promise on both the exploration and discovery front, but there’s still a lot they could improve upon.

Popular Mechanics is the perfect magazine candidate to offer this sort of content depth, particularly since they cover such a wide range of interesting and emerging technology and science topics.  One of the first novelties you’ll notice is a short article on the Red Bull Air Race.  The red bull flight animation is particularly cool. It’s a good use of rich content that doesn’t feel gratuitous like what you find in some other apps. The earthquake data viz app, otoh, was more disappointing.

Bummer that it doesn’t remember where you left off. Each time you exit and restart the app it defaults back to the cover, not the page you last read.

Choppy page-turning is a bit annoying too but I’m hoping that’s a v1.0 problem they’ll fix soon.

Like the integrated news reader which lets you catch up on pop mechs feed without leaving the app. I wish they’d cache the content though, just like usatoday, nytimes and most new apps — even when there’s nothing new from your last session the screen shows nothing while it fetches all the same articles all over again.

I applaud pop mech on the price too. It seems minor but at $1.99 (confirm) it felt more reasonable than the $4.99 Wired app, which didn’t impress me at all. I could see spending $2 for each pop mech issue.

reposted with permission from Joe Wikert’s iPadHound blog

Zinio, Popular Science release iPad apps

No surprise here. The Zinio app is free, and the PopSci app is based on the Mag+ demo that we saw a few weeks back.

From the Zinio press release:

Zinio, a global leader in digital publishing technology and services, today announced the availability of its Zinio App for iPad on the App Store.  The free app enables readers, publishers and advertisers to embrace a new world of interactive, full-color, multimedia magazines on the revolutionary iPad.

From the PopSci press release:

Bonnier Corp.’s Popular Science today launches its Popular Science+ tablet edition to run on Apple’s iPad. Available now in the App Store, Popular Science+ is an achievement in digital magazine reading that began months ago in a collaboration between Bonnier’s global R&D task force and BERG, a London-based design firm. The resulting platform, called Mag+, is the first step toward a vision of what digital magazine reading can be. (See the video demo at popularscienceplus.com.)

Demo video after the jump.

6 demo videos

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iPad Not as Popular as Everyone Thought

Do you remember that iPad survey from three weeks back, the one that led everyone to say that the iPad will kill the Kindle? I didn’t trust it because it was conducted only days after the iPad launch. Guess what, I just found a new survey that suggests it was wrong.

In a poll of 2176 Americans conducted last week, 15% are seriously considering buying an iPad in the next 3 months, and 14% are seriously considering buying a Kindle in the next 3 months. Yes, more poeple are going to buy an iPad, but just barely.

I don’t really trust this survey data either, but it does support the hypothesis I had about the first one.