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Seth Godin’s first Amazon published ebook coming 1 March

From the press release: In December, international-bestselling author Seth Godin and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced a new publishing imprint, The Domino Project–the first to use Amazon’s new “Powered by Amazon” publishing program. Now Godin and Amazon are unveiling the first book–written by Godin–from The Domino Project, “Poke the Box,” which will be published worldwide on… Read More »

UN to launch new iniative to enable the blind to access published works

From the press release: In an unprecedented United Nations-supported initiative, people who cannot see and those who have other forms of visual disability will have access to published works through publisher intermediaries who will create accessible formats of publications and share them with specialized libraries.The new arrangement was announced today at the of the UN… Read More »

Joe Konrath earns more from self published ebooks than from his Big 6 publisher

He just posted some interesting numbers over on his blog: Since 2004, Whiskey Sour has sold about 60,000 copies in print and ebooks. That’s earned me about $54,000 not including foreign sales. (Not bad considering I got a $33k advance for it.) … Compare those numbers to The List. In six years, I’ll have sold… Read More »

Smashwords Surpasses 500 Million Words Published

From the Smashwords blog: Oh, wow. After I finished the previous post about how the number of self-published books is exceeding the number traditionally published books, I clicked over to the Smashwords home page to discover our word counter ticked past 500 million when I wasn’t looking. Six months ago, I set a crazy goal… Read More »