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Oyster App for iPad, iPhone Updated with In-App Purchases

Oyster is bucking the trend this week. While most a lot of media services avoid in-app purchases on iOS, the ebook subscription service Oyster released a new update on Friday to their app which added the option. Oyster for iOS v1.8 adds unnamed bug fixes, major syncing improvements, and new color and personalization options -… Read More »

Scholastic to Close Storia eBookstore; Customers Could Lose Access to Their eBook Purchases

Think you own those DRMed ebooks you buy? Not according to Scholastic. This US publisher announced in April that they will be changing their Storia ebook platform from a retail service to a subscription service, and as part of that transition Scholastic recently announced that they are shutting down the retail side of the operation…. Read More »

FTC Sues Amazon Over In-App Purchases – They Should Have Seen that Coming

Both Apple and Google have faced criticism over the years for their policies concerning in-app purchases, and now it’s Amazon’s turn. The Federal Trade Commission announced this morning that it was suing Amazon on behalf of parents and other Amazon customers who had experienced unauthorized in-app purchases via their Amazon accounts.

Users are Reporting the New Comixology App is Missing Old Purchases

Amazon ignited a storm of protest when they removed the in-app store from the Comixology app on Saturday, but the story isn’t over yet. Numerous comic fans have reported on Twitter that the new Comixology app has lost many of their existing purchases. In addition to no longer being able to buy content inside the… Read More »

Booki.sh launches Australian ebookstore where you can’t download your purchases

by Chris Walters It begins! The ebooks-in-the-cloud concept that I warned against earlier this week, the one publishers say is the ideal future marketplace (for them, not for consumers), is in private beta right now in Australia. It’s using the Monocle web-based ebook reader–which I find really awesome, to tell the truth–and partnering with Readings,… Read More »