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Malware-Infested Ads Now a Threat When Reading Online

7853146846_4cc5d03168_o[1]Between popup ads, auto-play video ads, and pernicious tracking cookies, there are a hundred and one good reasons to use ad-blocking plugins like Adblock Plus.

That doesn't stop some experts like Benedict Evans from calling such plugins "malware installed by the user", but a new report from security researchers should take the wind out of his sails. Continue reading

Infographic: Reading Can be Good for Your Health

Reading might be typically associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but it's not all bad. Canada’s National Reading Campaign released an infographic last week which details how reading can lower your stress level and help you become a better person.

It can't do much for one's weight or cholesterol, but for that I would recommend an audiobook and a good pair of shoes. Continue reading

Survey: Apple, Amazon in Race for Mobile Readers? I Think Some Are Reading Too Much Into the Data

10263099536_0fff2d5c25_m[1]Released just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair, there's a new survey report out this week which looks at smartphone owners and asks how they read.

According to early coverage, Amazon is facing fierce competition for readers on mobile phones. While the retailer is the dominant ebook retailer among respondents, the survey claims that in certain key age groups iBooks is coming in a close second. Continue reading

Free Android App (20 September): Speed Reading Trainer Full

Speed Reading Trainer Full

Speed Reading Trainer Full
  • Diagnostic Tests to help determine your average reading Words Per Minute (WPM)
  • 3 distinct reading exercises
  • Multiple public domain works to chose from
  • A stats screen to track your progress
  • Highlighted recognition points

List Price: $ 1.99

Price: $ 1.99

Minimum Android Required: 2.3

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French Railway SNCF Launches Free Digital Reading Program

Biblio_facebookRail travelers have a lot of time on their hands but they don't always have a good book to fill it, and that's why SNCF has launched a new digital library program.

Passengers riding on the French state railway can now take advantage of a selection of free public domain ebooks. Developed in partnership with Storylab and Parallel Publishing, the bibliothèque digitale TER offers short reads which can take anywhere from 15, 30, 45 minutes, to 1 hour , perfect for short trips. Continue reading

Book Riot’s Great Audiobook Survey Reveals Listening Habits Radically Different from Reading Habits

audiobooks-average-1024x928[1]The Pew Research Center regularly polls the American public on their reading habits, but until now we had far less information on how people listen to audiobooks.

A couple days ago Book Riot released the results of their latest Great Audiobook Survey, and it shows that the listening public differs significantly from the reading public.   Continue reading

On Tablets, Summer Reading, and Parental Role Models for Young Readers: How Schools and Libraries Can Together Connect the Dots

alexandriatest2It’s summer. Is your child reading—one way to guard against a seasonal slump? Oh, and here’s a very much related question. Are you reading?

“You are a role model for your children,” writes Dr. Judy Willis, M.D., a board-certified neurologist as well as a former middle school teacher. “When they see you reading books, not just for specific reasons but also for enjoyment, their regard for books can change. It is just as important for them to see you being challenged when reading, such as by more technical books. This increases their comfort about difficulties they have reading complex books.” Continue reading

Kobo for Android Updated with Immersive Reading Mode, Better Support for Embedded Audio

kobo itunes ios logoKobo quietly rolled out a new update last week for their Android app, and it's one worth our attention.

In addition to the usual bug fixes and other improvements, the new app boasts support for Epubs with embedded audio, faster loading of Epub files, and new stability improvements for fixed layout Epub ebooks. Continue reading