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New Online Tracking Tech Means More Work to Keep Your Reading Private Online

124659356_bbe1e5b661_z[1]Researchers at Princeton University and KU Leuven University in Belgium have discovered that  several companies including AddThis, makers of the popular sharing buttons toolbar found on many websites, have been secretly testing a new type of cookie.

It’s called canvas fingerprinting, and it gathers more information than existing cookies in an attempt to create a unique identifier to be used to track you around the web. Continue reading

Readsy Adds Spritz’s Speed Reading Tech to Your Web Browser

logo[1]Want to try the speed reading tech offered by Spritz but not sure how? Then you should check out Readsy.

Readsy is a browser tool that helps to speed up your reading by taking whatever page you are looking at, filtering out the extraneous material, and presenting the body of text one word at a time in a window that looks something like this: Continue reading

If You’re Reading eBooks on a PC, Chances Are You’re Reading on Windows 7

microsoft-windows-8-logo[1]The trend of releasing a reading app which can only run on Windows 8 has been in vogue for several years now, but sadly the market statistics continues to show that that is a not a good idea. Continue reading

Infographic: Android vs iOS Reading Habits via Oyster

oyster logoWho’s up for an infographic on reading habits?

Earlier today Oyster posted a new infographic in their blog which shows the reading habits of Android vs iOS users of Oyster’s subscription ebook service. As you can see, Android users tend to read more during the day while iOS users tend to read at night  (this might be biased by Oyster iOS app launching months before the Android app). Continue reading

Bookmate’s Subscription Reading Service Explained (video)

bookmate logoUnless you’ve been following international ebook news (or reading this blog) you might not have heard of Bookmate. Primarily focused in Russia, Eastern Europe, and the third world, Bookmate is a lesser known competitor to Scribd and Oyster which offers a subscription ebook service in primarily markets rife with piracy. Continue reading

Reading eBooks on the Amazon Fire Phone (video)

Screen-Shot-2014-06-19-at-5.24.30-AM[1]When Jeff Bezos revealed the Fire Phone on Wednesday, one of the cooler features demoed in the presentation video was a new trick for the Kindle app that enables readers to scroll an ebook with a simply flip of the wrist.

As we saw on Wednesday, Fire Phone users can tilt the phone just right and make the text scroll up the screen. If they touch the screen with their finger, the text freezes in place. Continue reading

What I’m Reading On – June 2014

Kobo_Arc_colors_610x529[1]This Sunday morning finds me in between trips.

Having just gotten back from BEA 2014 yesterday and leaving for SID Display Week (a screen tech conference) tomorrow, I thought I would take a few minutes and post a “what’s in my gear bag” type of post.

In addition to my laptop and rarely used iPad 2, my main reading devices at the moment are a Kobo Arc (2012) tablet and a Kindle Fire HD (2013). For reasons which I will explain at the end of the post, I am mainly reading on the Arc. Continue reading

The Old Reader Adds Speed Reading Tech from Spritz

Spritz 3027008-inline-56tvouk[1]has been wowing many bloggers and pundits with glimpses at their new take on an established speed reading technology, but it wasn’t until today that anyone could make real use of it.

The Old Reader announced on their blog on Thursday that they had added a new reading option. This news reader service has partnered with Spritz to enable their users to quickly read blog posts and news articles. Continue reading

Spritz Partners with Oyster for New Speed Reading Demo

The speed a8e87_spritz-speed-reading-technology[1]reading app developer Spritz is getting all the buzz right now with new implementation of old speed reading science, and they are back in the news today with a new demo. Continue reading

B&N to Kill Nook Windows 8 App, Will Replace it With Microsoft’s New Reading App

Over the pastwindows-nook-tablet-new[1] few months I have been saying that the international Nook Store actually belonged to Microsoft, and it seems that my snark may have had a grain of truth.

Barnes & Noble and Microsoft have filed a new Form 8-K with the SEC today, and it has revealed that Microsoft is going to be taking a more active role in the ebook market. Continue reading