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Guinness World Records 2011 now available as an ebook

You might recall that back in May I showed you that Guinness World Records were working on an app. This isn't it, unfortunately. No, today Guinness announced the digital edition of the Guinness World Records 2011. You have all the same content as the paper edition but without the weight.

I've found it on Amazon ($9.99), and I would bet it can be found in iBooks and elsewhere. The Kindle Edition doesn't appear to have audio or video embedded. That's probably a good thing becuase this ebook is already 31MB in size.

Video: Guinness World Records iPad app

This is one of the reasons that I stay at a convention until they kick me out. Guinness World Records only announced their app Thursday morning, and I found out about it because of a story in the Wall Street Journal that same day.

This app is just a sampler, but it does look interesting. There is also an iPhone version of the sampler coming soon. The full app is due out this fall, and they haven't set the price yet.

BTW, I'm sorry that the camera drifted. I 'm not ashamed to say that I got distracted by the demo. Yes, it was that cool.