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Qualcomm+Sharp’s Low Power Screen Tech to Give Liquavista a Run for Its Money in 2015

sharp pixtronix mems igzoSharp put out a press release this morning announcing that the cutting edge screen tech which they have been co-developing for the past few years is finally going to hit the market.

Or at least that is what they hope to accomplish; as with any new tech the final step of getting it into production is often the trickiest. Continue reading

How to Take a Screen Shot on Any Kindle (Paperwhite, Touch, Basic, Keyboard)

screenshot_2014_10_03T12_55_36-0700The Kindle can do many things, but not all of them are explained in the user manual. (For example, the first Kindle had a hidden menu where you could see a list of the Lab126 team members who had worked on it.) Among the many neat undocumented tricks is one that I use on a regular basis: taking a screenshot.

The Kindle has had the option to let users take a screenshot since the day the first unit shipped in November 2007.  The trick to enable this feature varies from one model to the next, so I took a few minutes to list them all. Continue reading

New Kindle Getting Mixed Reviews on Screen Quality

Kindle_00F_USWhenever a new ereader is released everyone wants to know how the screen compares to screens on competing models. Sometimes, as in the case of the 2013 Kindle paperwhite or the Aura H2O, it's obvious that the new model is better than the old. But then there are times where it's not so obvious that the new screen is better.

For example, the new Kindle which shipped yesterday is drawing mixed reports from users. Some are saying that the screen is as good as on the device it replaced, while others are reporting a noticeably poorer screen. Continue reading

Comparison: Kobo Aura HD vs Aura H2O, Frontlight and Screen Quality

aurah2o_blk_headon_single_home_ukKobo's amazing new ereader is in many ways an improvement on its predecessor and on competing devices like the Kindle PW2, but it's not always easy to quantify how much better.

While working on my review (which is unfortunately delayed), I have put together a couple galleries which show just how much the screen on the new Aura H2O is over the screen on the Aura HD. Continue reading

New Kobo Aura H2O eReader Clears the FCC, Has Wifi and a 6.8″ Screen

Meet the Nook Aura HD
Meet the Aura HD

The drought of news about new US ebook readers ended today with the discovery that Kobo's next ebook reader has made an appearance on the FCC website.

Kobo (or rather their hardware partner Netronix) has taken the sensible precaution of placing most of the useful info under an embargo, but there were a few nuggets of information scattered across the filings. Continue reading

Leaked Photos Show 5.5″ Screen from the iPhone 6, iWatch Still Nowhere to be Found

640_e0be72816f542de1ea8d2e63d851b45eNew photos showed up in Taiwan late Friday night which appear to show the screen panel and other parts for the larger iPhone 6 model.

Apple Daily hasn't revealed where they got the photos, but they say that we're looking at components for what they say is going to be called the iPhone 6L, Apple's soon to be flagship phablet. Continue reading