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It’s Not Dead: Sony Releases Updates for Sony Reader App for iDevices

sony reader logojSony may have shut down their ebook store in much of the world but they continue to invest in the Sony Reader Store in Japan.

Over the past couple days Sony has rolled out a couple updates to their ebook service, including a new browser reader and an update to the Sony Reader app for iDevices. Continue reading

The Other Shoe Drops – Sony to Close Worldwide Reader Store, Hand Customers to Kobo

The ebooksony kobo logo retailer formerly known as Sony sent out an email to its customers this morning, telling them that it plans to close the Reader Store in Europe and Australia in the middle of June.

It’s official: Sony is (mostly) getting out of ebooks. Continue reading

Sony Releases New Sony Reader App for iPad, iPhone With Epub3 Support

sony reader logojSony launched a new version of the Sony Reader app for iOS earlier this week, and for the first time the app now offers limited support for Epub3. But only if you buy ebooks in Japan.

As odd as it may sound, Sony has released a new reading app which is only available in iTunes Japan, and it appears to only work with the Sony Reader Store in Japan. If you try to download the app from the US iTunes you will get the older app, which was made by Bluefire. Continue reading

My E-Reading Life: Greetings from New Contributor

parentshouseHello, everyone. Those of you who’ve been following e-reading for a while might know me as former Senior Writer for TeleRead.com, where I’ve been for the last six years. I talked a little about the history of e-reading that happened during the six years I was writing there in my farewell post to the site.

For my inaugural post here, I thought I would go into my own personal e-reading background and what my hopes are for the future of e-books. Once you know where I’ve come from, then you can follow where I’m going. Let’s begin.

Continue reading

Sony PRS-300 on sale at Big Lots – $99

This isn’t a very good deal, but I’m posting it just incase some one is interested.

Big Lots are currently carrying refurbished Sony Reader PRS-300 for $99. This is Sony’s older ereader with a 5″ E-ink screen. It doesn’t have Wifi, a touchscreen, or any of the annotation options of the current generation, but it does support Adobe DE DRM, at least.

I would avoid this ereader because there are better options in the $99 price range. This ereader is small, yes, but it lacks a card slot and it only has 512MB of Flash storage. Plus, it’s refurbished.

Sony now expanding e-reader library program

Last summer Sony started a new program to distribute ereaders to select libraries in the US. Partner libraries also got training, technical support, educational materials, and several Sony Readers for the staff to use.

Today Sony expanded that program by including 30 more libraries across the US.

For more details, please visit www.sony.com/libraryprogram.

From the press release: Continue reading

Dual screen tablets are the next gadget fad

Engadget is reporting that Sony working on a dual screen Android tablet. They don’t have much in the way of technical details, but they were told that the new tablet, known as the “S2″ internally, closely resembles an oval cylinder when closed. It’s supposed to use a tegra 2CPU and have Wifi, 3G, and a pair of cameras.

I might be a little early in calling this a fad, but I don’t think so. NEC showed off their dual screen communicator at CES 2011. Toshiba had one on the market last year (briefly). And now Sony is supposed to be working on one.

I think we’ll see at least 4 or 5 more before the end of 2011.

via Engadget

Sony won’t be pulling their music from iTunes

Last Saturday the head of Sony Australia gave an interview on how Sony was thinking about pulling their music from iTunes. Today it looks like that might not be the case. The San Francisco Chronicle asked Sony Network Entertainment COO Brandon Layden about the story from last Saturday, and he says it ain’t gonna happen:

Sony Music as I understand it has no intention of withdrawing from iTunes, they’re one of our biggest partners in the digital domain. I think those words were either taken out of context or the person who spoke them was unclear on the circumstances.

See, I told you they weren’t do anything crazy.

Now, this isn’t someone with their music division, but then again neither was the other the other fellow. I thought at the time the statements from last Saturday were made in the heat of the moment, and that it wasn’t going to become ooffcial Sony policy. It looks like I was right.

Do you realize that one of the likely side effects of Sony pulling music from iTunes is piracy? I’m sur ethat crossed their mind.

Sony could pull music from iTunes in ongoing war with Apple

Michael Ephraim, the head of Sony for Australia and NZ, was interviewed by The Age yesterday. He is rather pissed with the recent behavior of Apple, and he’d really like to see Sony sever all ties.

You know, when Apple decided to enforce that contract clause, perhaps they should have started with a company smaller than Sony. Sony are considering pulling their music and games from iTunes, and then stopping development of new games for iOS.  And they could actually do it, too.  Continue reading