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Breaking News: Streitfeld Admits That Amazon “Might” Not be Guilty of Censorship

If you were hoping that a public rebuke from the NY Times’ public editor would restore some degree of balance to that august publication’s coverage of Amazon, I’m sorry but that hasn’t happened. The media spokesperson for Authors United, David Streitfeld, is mixing it up again. He has a new post up on Sunday on the… Read More »

Publishers, Stop Being Craven, Forge Your Own Future

by Eoin Purcell For some time there has been a funny dichotomy in the publishing industry worldwide. On the one hand publishers have decried the growing influence of powerful tech companies from outside the industry. Google, Amazon, Apple all fall into that category (Amazon aside from being an impressive online retailer is also an amazing… Read More »

Diamond Book Distributors stop shipments to Borders

Diamond Book Distributors sent out an email this week to their clients and partners. Bill Schanes, Diamond’s VP of  purchasing, said that Borders had suspended payments to Diamond, and the distributor was forced to suspend book shipments to the retail chain. Given that Diamond is only the latest to stop doing business with Borders, I’d… Read More »

Apple, stop invalidating my EPUBs with your iTunesMetadata.plist file

Dear Apple: I’m really tired of iTunes adding an iTunesMetadata.plist file to my original EPUB files every time I test said EPUB files on my iPad or iPhone through iTunes. To add insult to injury, every time you do it, it causes an error in ePubCheck—since the EPUB file now contains a non-manifested file—thus making… Read More »

Samsung to stop developing epaper screens

From Trading Markets: Samsung Electronics Co., Asia’s largest maker of mobile phones and memory chips, said Monday that it has recently decided to withdraw from the electronic paper (e-paper) business due to cost issues. The company, however, will not completely leave the market for electronic book (e-book) readers, and plans to launch next year an… Read More »

Baker & Taylor, LibreDigital announce 1 stop shop for digital media services

From the press release: Amid surging demand and interest in e-books, Baker & Taylor, a leading provider of digital media services to publishers worldwide, and LibreDigital, Inc., a leading developer of digital publishing solutions, today at Book Expo America announced an expanded agreement to partner for the delivery of e-books– creating a one-stop, comprehensive suite… Read More »