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Earl E-ink Android Tablet Delayed Until 2015

earl tabletThe Earl back country tablet continues to hold its own as one of the most delayed gadgets of 2013 and 2014. This tablet was originally scheduled to be released by the end of last summer, but the latest update from its developers have revealed that it is still under development and has yet to get its wireless certifications or enter mass production.

A new update on the Earl was posted last week on the Sqigle website, saying in part that: Continue reading

Fire Phone Sales are so Bad, AT&T is Now Bundling a Fire HDX Tablet for $49

fire phoneAT&T may have just confirmed what that market survey report suggested last week: practically no one has bought the Fire Phone. The telecom has just announced a new bundle offer for the Fire Phone. Buy one and they will throw in a Fire HDX tablet for $49.

That tablet retails for $179 on Amazon.com, which means that AT&T and/or Amazon have decided to eat $130 of the retail price in order to move more Fire Phones. And that is on top of the current low low price for the Fire Phone, which is available with a two year contract for under a dollar. Continue reading

HP Cracks the $99 Windows Tablet Barrier with the Stream 7

stream7_galleryZoom_img2 HP has just announced a pair of Windows 8 tablets which will cost $99 and up.

Launching  just in time to edge out the Toshiba Encore mini as the first of the $99 Windows tablets in the US market, the HP Stream 7 will feature an Intel Atom Z3735G CPU, and it will be matched by the $149 Stream 8. Continue reading

Don’t Like Amazon’s New Kids’ Tablet? Here are 5 Alternatives

kindle-fire-hd-kids-3[1]Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition tablet is going to be getting a lot of press over the next few weeks, but it's not the first tablet to launch in this market - nor even the twenty-first.

Here are 5 kids tablets that you might consider in place of the Fire HD Kids Edition. (You might also retrofit your existing tablet as a hand-me-down, but this might not work for everyone). Continue reading

Amazon Just Conquered the Kids Tablet Market with the $150 Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

FireHD_KidsEdition[1]With Kindle Freetime, Kindle Freetime Unlimited, and an investment in an ed tech startup, Amazon has long shown an interest in the footie pajama customer base. On Wednesday they targeted those customers with a new kid's tablet option.

The Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition is not so much a new tablet as it is a customized version of the Kindle Fire HD 6 or HD 7 tablets which launched Wednesday night. Continue reading

Toshiba’s Encore 2 Write is a Pen-Equipped Windows 8 Tablet

toshiba_encore_2_writeIf you like Samsung's premium priced Galaxy Note tablets but think they're out of your price range then you might be interested in the next offering from Toshiba. This gadget maker is now teasing a pair of tablets that will come with a stylus. We don't have details yet on the price and release date, but according to a misplaced fact sheet from Intel we do know they will run Windows 8. Continue reading