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Mental Health Issues – And Not His Novels – Led to MD Teacher’s Suspension

91EkRRhGseL._SL1500_[1]There's an old rule of thumb that you should never believe everything you read on the internet, and over the past couple days we had a graphic reminder exactly why that rule exists.

A story has been going around this week that a middle school teacher in Maryland had been arrested/committed because he had self-published a couple SF novels which featured a school shooting set 900 years in the future. Naturally this story had the internet up in arms, with everyone from The Atlantic to this blogger crying foul over what was clearly multiple violations of the author's Constitutional rights.

That was truly an incendiary story - or at least it would be had the story actually been true. Much to my chagrin, it is not. Continue reading

And Yet Another Teacher is Punished for Writing a Novel

91EkRRhGseL._SL1500_[1]Update: It looks like this story might be a tempest in a teapot caused by really bad local reporting. The LA Times followed up and reported that the teacher had real mental health issues, and not because of his novels.

The Atlantic reported earlier today that a Maryland middle school teacher was involuntarily committed for nothing more than writing a book: Continue reading

70% of teachers pay for ebooks out of their own pockets

I just came across a new study today about ebooks and ereaders in the classroom. Unlike other surveys, this one focused entirely on k-12 educators. A total of 1300 responded to the poll.

I only have the executive summary, but that alone makes for fascinating reading. 40% of teachers and 50% of librarians have bought ebooks. I was surprised to discover that of the librarians who bought ebooks, they purchased an average of 844 ebooks over the past year. And of the teachers  who bought ebooks, 70% did spend their own money. Curiously enough, teachers were more likely to buy ebooks for professional development than for the classroom.

They complete survey results are being sold for $99. I think it's worth it.

via Dedicated Teacher