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Time Thinks “Amazon’s Dispute With Hachette Might Finally Be Hurting Its Sales”

Over the past 6 months I have read many questionable arguments about the Amazon-Hachette dispute, but few rose to the level of sheer unsubstantiated clickbait as the piece that Time published on Friday. According to Sam Frizell, Amazon’s slow growth in the NA media market comes as a result of the dispute with Hachette:

Instapaper Goes Free in Time for iOS8, Adds Text-To-Speech and User Profiles

One of the best save for later reading apps got a little bit better yesterday when it was updated with quite a few new features like user profiles, TTS, an improved navigation experience, and some iOS8-exclusive goodies which could tempt some to upgrade iOS 8 users. The new update includes:

I Think It’s Time for Indies to Join Publishers in Their Fight Against Amazon

Over the past two months Amazon has been supporting their very public and very rough book contract negotiations with a subtle media campaign which has kept indies on the sideline. By saying little and letting the publishers leak details, Amazon has avoided giving indies a reason to join sides with the major publishers that Amazon… Read More »

Fictionwise is Now on Life Support – They’re Pulling the Plug in 3 Weeks’ Time

When Fictionwise launched the year 2000, it was a mad attempt to pioneer in a nascent industry. When it is shut down on 4 December 2012, it will mark the end of an era. Fictionwise sent out an email today to their publishing partners.  I’ve embedded the email at the end of this post, but… Read More »

A Failed Entourage Edge Pilot Reveals That it was a Device Launched Before Its Time

When the Entourage Edge was revealed in late 2009 it immediately caught the attention of all the tech blogs. It had a dual screen design that hadn’t been seen before, and it was launching in the pre-iPad era where ereaders were hot news (there were no Android tablets yet). The Edge was the darling of… Read More »

Cherrypal starts their scams again – this time with an Android tablet

The problem with the internet is that it has such a short memory. This unfortunately makes it necessary to dredge up old news and remind people. Cherrypal just announced a 7″ Android tablet for $188. Don’t order it; you”ll never get it. I was scammed by Cherrypal and Max Seybold last December. His business is… Read More »