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$100 Says the Fire Tablet WON’T Launch This Week

A reasonably credible source is saying that Amazon will be launching its new Fire tablets this week.

I am willing to bet you the price of one of those new tablets that he is wrong.

From AFTVNews:

They aren’t really much to look at, since once you’ve seen one black rectangle with a screen in the middle, you’ve seen them all, but above are thumbnail images of the new Amazon Fire and Fire HD 8 tablets that are very likely going to be announced as early as tomorrow. These are the new Amazon tablets that passed through FCC approval a couple of weeks ago.

The new tablets will be more of a refresh of the existing models, as opposed to a major redesign. This is especially true for the Fire HD 8, since the current model was introduced less than a year ago. Screen size is expected to remain the same at 7? for the Fire and 8? for the Fire HD 8. While overall screen quality will improve, especially with the Fire tablet, screen resolutions will remain the same as the models being replaced.

Their sole basis for suggesting a launch this week are a pair of thumbnails showing the two new models. The images were found on Amazon’s servers, and only vaguely resemble the existing models in that all black tablets look alike.

While it is possible that the Fire tablets will launch this week, it’s also unlikely.

For one thing, it doesn’t fit with Amazon’s history, and the FCC filing has removed any pressure to do so.

Amazon’s last two Fire tablet launch events took place in the fall – in September 2016 and September 2015, to be exact. Furthermore, Amazon placed a six-month embargo on the FCC filings for the two new tablets, which means they have until 28 October before the spec sheet, user manual, and teardown photos are revealed to the public.

The safe bet is that Amazon will launch the new tablets some time in September rather than this week. (Sorry!)

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Robin May 17, 2017 um 9:23 am

Brad Linder May 17, 2017 um 9:23 am

Carly May 17, 2017 um 9:44 am

So where will you be paying the $100 to? 😉

Nate Hoffelder May 17, 2017 um 9:50 am


I believe in swinging for the fences. but I never was any good at cricket, anyway.

tired May 17, 2017 um 9:45 am

lol release date is June 7 according to Amazon themselves. There is no precise pattern to Kindle launches, I keep saying this. You keep thinking that they have a schedule that they will keep to. They don’t.

SirDaShadow May 17, 2017 um 10:55 am

I hate when they still call it "HD" and the resolution is 1280×800…Would be nice to see a 1080p < $100 tablet…I guess I lucked out with a Windows tablet 1920×1200, 2GB of RAM Atom running Windows 10 home edition (none of that silly RT or mobile stuff) for $60…

Nate Hoffelder May 17, 2017 um 9:23 pm


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