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Amazon Can Now Deliver Your Package to a Rite Aid Store

In most countries where Amazon operates, the retailer can deliver your packages to a local shop where you can pick it up (in the UK I beleive the option includes news agents), but not the US. Instead here in America Amazon went for delivery lockers and their own chain of staffed delivery locations.

That changed today. Amazon just announced that they have partnered with Rite Aid. You can now have your Amazon order delivered to any of more than 100 Rite Aid locations in the US. This number is expected to grow to over 1,500 locations by year’s end.

The new service is called Amazon Counter.

Counter goes live today in more than a hundred Rite Aid stores across the U.S. By the end of the year, the service will roll out across 1,500 Rite Aid locations —from Oyster Bay, N.Y., to Chula Vista, Calif. Amazon is actively looking to bring additional partners on board, including small to midsize businesses and other large chains.

“Amazon is always looking for innovative and convenient ways for customers to ship and receive their orders,” explains Patrick Supanc, Worldwide Director of Amazon Hub. “With Counter, we’ve leveraged our growing logistics network and invested in new, easy to use technology to give customers yet another delivery option rooted in flexibility and control. We are excited to partner with national businesses like Rite Aid, and local businesses in the future, to create an outstanding experience for our shared customers.”

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Marilynn Byerly June 28, 2019 um 11:19 am

Walgreens has bought Rite Aid and is closing down most of its store locations. I’ve lost 3 that I know of in my city, alone. At last, Amazon proves it is not perfect.

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