Interpark Biscuit E-reader

The Korean tech company Interpark just announced their new ebook reader. The Biscuit has a 6″ E-ink screen, and yes, it does look like a Kindle clone. According to one of my sources, it’s made by LG Innotek.

I’m having trouble finding the specs, but it appears to have 3G wireless, 4GB Flash storage, and costs ? 300,000 ($264). Supported formats include Epub, PDF, and MSOffice. At launch it will have an ebookstore with 25,000 titles, but there won’t be any newspapers or magazines. There are no plans to release it internationally.

Sidenote: The CEO of Interpark was interviewed about 3 weeks ago (here). One of the things he mentioned was that he expected to sell about 100k Biscuit ebook readers this year.

product page

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  1. Chris Meadows28 March, 2010

    If someone buys this thing and carries it with him when he goes out, then won’t he just take the biscuit? 🙂

  2. […] might recall that I reported on the launch of the  Interpark Biscuit, a Korean e-reader, several months ago. The Biscuit (pictured) is a Kindle clone with 3G and an E-ink screen. When it was launched, […]

  3. LOLEK6 September, 2017

    @Chris Meadows biscuit in your ass you cock sucker!! I replied you after 7 years you moron! mueheheh idiot!

    1. Nate Hoffelder6 September, 2017

      I am allowing this comment because it is too nuts to be bot-generated.


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