Kobo e-reader update: Bluetooth, Review video, Australia

Kobo e-reader update: Bluetooth, Review video, Australia e-Reading Hardware Reviews Uncategorized There have been a couple of interesting events in the past week. I decided to bring them all together into one post.


As you know, the Kobo ereader has Bluetooth, and you can use the Bluetooth to transfer files. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that well yet. There is a report from an early adopter (over at MobileRead) that while you can transfer files from an Android phone, the Kobo ereader won't recognize them. Apparently there's no way to tell the ereader to check for new files:

Once the files are transferred, though, the Bluetooth "sync" screen on the Kobo stays and the only way to get out is to "Cancel" the sync although the file transfer has completed.

The books / documents then don't show up on the Kobo. How can the Kobo be forced to refresh its books + docs list ? The only way I found was by inserting the USB cable while connected to a PC and removing it - but this kind of defeats the convenience of BT transfers.

I thought Bluetooth was a rather smart decision. It adds the ability to wirelessly transfer files but doesn't have the battery draining liability of Wifi. Once Kobo gets the bugs out of the firmware this is going to be a very useful feature.


This past week saw the official launch of the Kobo ereader and ebookstore in Australia. The ereader went on sale for $199AUS on the Borders Australia the day before the press event. The ebookstore was also up and running the day before.

Border's website boasts 2 million titles, and I can only account for ~25k. Most that I have found are public domain titles which you can download for free elsewhere. I've also been told that the current fiction titles are rather expensive.

BTW, Australians aren't being cheated on the price of the Kobo. I did the math, and once you account for the exchange rate and the 10% tax built in to the retail price, it turns out that Australians are actually paying about the same price as the US.


Len Edgerly of (The Reader Edge) has posted a review video for the Kobo. His videos are always worth watching.

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  1. Thanks for the review and updates.

    I’m starting to see the Kobo more and more which makes sense…once people find out about this easy-to-use reader, they will be buying it up. It also has space for an extra card to expand your memory – you don’t have to buy a new ereader like with some brands. I’ve had no problems with my Kobo and I love the convenience of having it with me everywhere. I like the price, and with WiFi? I’m thrilled! It supports ePub, PDF, and Adobe DRM! ~Sandy, ShesConnected Kobo Community Manager

  2. I have owned 3 Kobos, two of which were bricked (battery charge problem and motherboard crash).
    Is it possible to make the Kobo a Bluetooth remote display so I can use a tablet/phone to access 3M Cloud streamed books from my local library and then read them in sunshine on e-paper? I cannot stream 3M Cloud directly to my Kobo.

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