Interpark adds newspapers, magazines to the Biscuit ebookstore

Interpark adds newspapers, magazines to the Biscuit ebookstore e-Reading Hardware You might recall that I reported on the launch of the  Interpark Biscuit, a Korean ereader, several months ago. The Biscuit (pictured) is a Kindle clone with 3G and an E-ink screen. When it was launched, Interpark had said that they wouldn't have newspapers or magazines in the Biscuit ebookstore.

Yesterday I came across this news story:

Interpark, which sells the e-book terminal Biscuit, launched a service to enable e-subscriptions to 15 dailies, including The Dong-A Ilbo and Sports Dong-A, and five magazines including Dong-A Business Review that are automatically delivered to the Biscuit terminal.

Unlike a conventional e-book newspaper subscription in which readers must select a newspaper and download the content, the latest issue of a daily is electronically delivered to a Biscuit around 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. every day, a time when the terminal is rarely used.


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  1. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who gets these newspapers delivered to their device as I’m curious as to the quality of the publication. Apparently newspapers delivered to Amazon Kindle aren’t very good because they have spelling mistakes, lots of stuff missing and sentences appearing as part of the next line of text etc. I’m currently reserching for my uni thesis about whether Daily newspapers will survive compared to the Internet and other multi-media, so any information about these other types of devices is very useful to me thank you.

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