SID Dispay Week: Samsung color epaper, transparent LCDs

By Charlie Dulin of Dulin’s Books

Samsung had two display windows in its booth highlighting 10.1” flexible epaper displays. They use a plastic substrate and backplane and displayed in B&W as well as color. The color display was shown in a two “page” device with the color on the left and the B&W on the right. The color display has a 7:1 contrast ratio, equal to today’s B&W epaper, suggesting they are starting with a much higher contrast black and white panel before layering on the color. They are partnered with E-Ink on these displays but no word yet about when they might enter the market in a consumer device.

Samsung was also showing off a 46” transparent LCD at SID. It’s edge lit with LED backlight along the top edge. The images were very clear and crisp while the transparent areas did not obscure the arrangement of wine bottle and glasses behind.

Several companies have shown transparent displays of late but Samsung is the first to highlight it in this size and form. They’re also the first to put them out in the marketplace- expect to see these in place in store fronts in time for Christmas window displays.

P.S. In case you’re interested, you can view all of the source images from SID Display week here.


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