More detail on the Pandigital Novel

More detail on the Pandigital Novel Reviews

Update: This post is based on the original firmware. Much of what I say about the software is no longer valid.

The picture at left is the Novel minus the back cover. As you can see, there are a pair of speakers at the bottom, the plug is on the right, and there is a microSD card slot on the left. There's a 1GB card in the slot right now, and it should be possible to replace it for more memory (the external slot supports SDHC cards.)

There's a firmware update on the Pandigital website. I installed it. The Wifi still doesn't work and the Novel still responds slowly. But the update does appear to have fixed the touchscreen problem.

I'm also beginning to have doubts about the build quality. The face plate is peeling off at one corner.

One more detail: The Novel is supposed to have a landscape mode (check the Pandigital website). I can't find a way to enable it.

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  1. No accelerometer thats disappointing

    • I have had a Pandigital e-reader for over a month, can’t use it because I’m not in America. I’ve been told by The Daily Mail (where I got it) that I can down load something to use it in the UK. Does anybody know where I go to get this download? I have bought an alternative make to keep me going but it would be nice to get this one working.


  2. According to the manual, it is supposed to have an accelerometer and change orientation when rotated. I’ll ass/u/me that this is another software bug that will be corrected in a future update. Have you contacted their tech support about this issue as well?

  3. I can definately rotate the screen in both the ereader and the web browser. I haven’t tried anything else yet but so far I’ve had a lot of fun with this device.

  4. Michael Painter // 12 June, 2010 at 2:55 am // Reply

    Some idiot (and I blame it on my cat) erased the users manual. I can’t find one on the web site.
    Does anyone know where I can download one.

    My screen also does not rotate

  5. You must have a bad unit. EVERYTHING works on mine, landscape mode,wifi, has always worked, videos play, music, photos, web surfing, all works just as advertised. My battery looks a lot different, all black. I am now on the second firmware update and it seems a little snappier, not much . You better take yours back, there must be something wrong with it.

    • How recently did you buy yours? You probably have a more recent firmware. This post is over a month old and is based on the earliest firmware.

  6. What did you have to do to get the back cover off safely?

    • I used some of my smallest screwdrivers to lever apart the 2 parts of the back. There’s tape holding the big one down, but it didn’t take much force.

  7. I take it the Micro SD inside is just storage…

  8. I bought mine in August and I totally love it — updated the firmware right away, as prompted when I first used it. Have never had any problems with it, including orientation, Wi-Fi, sound, responsiveness, battery life, etc. I’ve recommended it often, despite the terrible editorial reviews.

  9. well i just got mine today and it wont connect to wifi but other than that its great! Do you know how i could get wifi connected?

  10. You need to have information from your internet provider. I have a computer so i could get the information i needed to complete the iformation needed in the setup. Make sure your email address and user name is exact. You must know the incoming and outgoing server name and speed the same as what would be on a pc connected to your wifi. If you can’t find call provider

  11. Does any one know how you turn off keyboard feature that completes words for you when you type? Also is there a way you can have multiple browser screens open at the same time or the browser and email open at the same time?

  12. Clarification: can open multiple windows but how do you move from window to window? .the return arrow and home icon takes you too far back to the main screen

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