The $88 Android PDA

Charbax of found this neat PDA at Computex last week.  It's made by Acorp, aTaiwan based consumer electronics company. The $88 is the wholesale price, but it still makes up a lot for the Android 1.5 OS, and 600 MHz CPU. I've seen the video, and I have to ask: is it just me or does this look a lot like the Archos 5 IT (only thicker)?

I'm tempted more by the 7" model from later in the video. It's wholesaling for $100.

P.S. So why am I calling it a PDA? Well, I've decided that it's a little silly to call a device with a 4.8" screen a tablet. I think a device this size is a lot closer to being a PDA than a tablet. If I ever get my hands on the Dell Streak I'm going to call it a smartphone. (That's what it is.)

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4 Comments on The $88 Android PDA

  1. Hello? Did anyone look into this? Nothing like it shows up at the company’s website today.

  2. Why is it you guys think bigger is better? I’ve been looking for a tablet to replace my Palm TX, small with WiFi, contacts, ebook reader, etc, etc that will fit in my purse or pocket. I don’t need the whole computer, but a PDA replacement with more speed and better internet than my beloved PalmTX would be awesome. Anything out there besides Apple Touch?

    • I’ve been looking for a TX replacement too. When I’m not teaching I’m helping my wife manage a mobile home park by doing repairs. Under a mobile home in the mud is not where you want a $500 android phone, so I use a $10 one from ATT.

      Only thing I’ve seen is the Samsung Galaxy player series. The Galaxy Player 4.2 is about the same height as the Palm but skinnier and with a 4.2″ 480×800 screen instead of 3.9″ 320×480 screen of the Palm. Galaxy Player 5 is the roughly the same width as the Palm, so it will fit in a shirt pocket, but abut 3/4″ taller with a 5″ 480×800 screen

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