Kobo launch Android app, promise e-reader firmware update

Kobo launch Android app, promise e-reader firmware update e-Reading Hardware e-Reading Software I can't access the Android Market and confirm this, but everyone is reporting that Kobo released their Android app today. This means Kobo now supports the most platforms than anyone. See, this is why I said they are the only serious threat to Amazon.

Can someone do me a favor and grab a copy of the installation file? I'd like to try it on an Android tablet. Thanks.

Update: Kobo just announced on their blog that the Kobo ereader will be getting a firmware update sometime after 28 June:

Here is a sampling of some of the improvements we are making:

1. ePub Font resizing.

2. Hiding 100 Free eBooks.

3. The “Off” Screen.

4. Sleep Mode.

5. Low Battery.

6. Installation.

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  1. OK, this should be pretty cool. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Android is just becoming better and better. Not a bad idea to beat Amazon to the race on Android. Also think it’s an interesting choice to use Nokia 5233 as their marketing image. Thanks for the update, I referenced your post on my blog

  2. How is Kobo the only serious threat to Amazon? The nook software will be available on android soon, most likely. If they want to make me happy, they should release a J2ME version.

    • How many countries do B&N support? One. How many countries do Kobo support? Four (at this time).

      And I don’t really expect B&N to release an Android app.I used to, but not anymore. BTW, they never said they would release the Android app soon.

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