Energy Sistem added 2 new e-readers

Energy Sistem are a consumer electronics company based on Spain. I’d previously reported on their first ereader, the 2601 (made by Gajah).

Someone just sent me a link to the product pages for a pair of Kindle clones. These beauties were made by Hanvon, and they’re based on a 5″ screen. I haven’t had my hands on these devices, but I can say that Hanvon makes solid hardware.

As you can see, the 2 ereaders have very similar hardware. The only difference is that one has a touchscreen. Both ereaders support Adobe DE DRM, and generally they have the same hardware specs.

  • 5″ E-ink screen
  • 8 level gray scale
  • microSDHC card slot (up to 32 GB supported)
  • speakers & microphone
  • no internal storage (but it comes with a 4GB card)

The touchscreen model won’t be available until July, but the other model is available now for 232€.

product pages via the ebook reader



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  1. Nathan22 June, 2010

    Someone “sent” you the link, huh? Yeah, right . . .

    1. Nate the great22 June, 2010

      Yes, actually, someone did send it to me. I don’t follow your blog.

      But to avoid the appearance of copying you, I gave you credit.


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