The Pandigital Novel gets a clone

Mike Cane found a pair of tablets this morning from a company called Velocity Micro. Based on thei rsite, I'd say that this is a custom PC builder, and these are their first tablets. The Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet are 7" Android tablets that will retail for $199 and $299 when they are released in August.

The Pandigital Novel gets a clone e-Reading Hardware Mike suggested (and I agree with him) that the Cruz Reader is running on the same hardware as the white Pandigital Novel. Look through the gallery, and you'll see that the upper edge of the Reader  is identical to that of the white Novel. The dimensions are also very similar.

Velocity Micro have already announced that the Cruz Reader will ship with the Borders/Kobo app. I wish they would include more reading apps (this is an Android tablet after all), but at least it won't be using Pandigital's crappy Home Screen & Reader app.

See, I thought the Novel had decent hardware, and once I bypassed the software I discovered I was right. BTW, it looks like the Cruz Reader won't be locked down, so you will be able to easily install more own apps.

The Pandigital Novel gets a clone e-Reading Hardware The Pandigital Novel gets a clone e-Reading Hardware The Pandigital Novel gets a clone e-Reading Hardware The Cruz tablet, on the other hand, is based on a7" 800x480 screen, with more RAM, Flash, and a muli-touch screen. It's also running Android 2.1. Check out the specs.

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  1. While the $200 version IMO isn’t better than the novel, they could have a winner on their hands for the $300 version. I know there are many people who have been pleading for a capacitive screen, and if it truly can come close to 6+ hours of video (much better battery than $200 version or Novel), they may sell a lot. I however, could not justify the extra $200 from the deal I got on the Novel.

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