Enso just announced 3 new Android tablets

Enso, maker of the zenPad, have just announced 3 new Android tablets with 5″, 7″, and 10″ screens. ( They also now have a couple of Android phones and a Mifi unit, but I’m going to pass on them.)

The zenPad 2 has a 5″ screen and runs v1.5 (an upgrade to v2.1 is coming soon). It’s running on a 624MHz CPU, and has 3G, Wifi, GPS, an accelerometer, 256Flash and comes with an 8GB microSD card (up to 32 GB supported). Enso are selling it for $219.

I’m not so sure this is worth buying. Very little software runs on v1.5 (most require v1.6 at a minimum), and a 624MHz CPU doesn’t meet the requirement for v2.1 (min 1GHz).

The zenPad 3 has much the same specs as the zenPad 2 only with a 7″ screen, not 5″ . Enso are selling it for $249. Again, I’m not so sure this one is worth buying. Based on the Android tablets I’ve seen, I think a 624MHz CPU is underpowered.

The zenPad 4, on the other hand, is making me drool. It’s based on a 10″ screen and runs v2.1 on a 1GHz CPU. It doesn’t have 3G, but it does have Wifi, 2GB Flash, a microphone, a 8GB microSD card and an accelerometer.This one strikes me as a much better piece of hardware. You can buy it from Enso for $199. (Did you notice that it costs less than the other 2?)

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. William Walsh1 August, 2010

    I’d be very wary of ordering anything from Enso after the Zenpad original debacle.

  2. Scott Lewis1 August, 2010

    “It doesn’t have 3G, but it does have Wifi, 3G, 2GB Flash, a microphone, a 8GB microSD card and an accelerometer.”

    So is there 3G in it, or not? Can’t tell by your sentence. 🙂

    1. Nate the great1 August, 2010

      Oops. Thanks.

  3. William Walsh1 August, 2010

    I want to elaborate on my earlier comments about Enso. If they are in fact shipping every device they are taking orders for currently, then I will say good on them. But they have to realize, moving forward, that criticism and skepticism are going to be justified until they prove themselves.

    They still have people who paid for a device they never got, and haven’t receive refunds. Now I understand that the reason they havent gotten refunded is paypal’s policies, but reason paypal’s policy kicked in was because of bad behavior on the part of Enso, so they need to own up to that, and stop trying to shift blame, and promise to resolve it, even if they have to issue those refunds out of their operating budge.

  4. Daniel2 August, 2010

    i believe you are wrong about 1Ghz minimum requirement, it was mentioned for gingerbeard, then recanted and tagged as “suggested” . and there is evidence to it as well , htc google G1 , with a meager 528mhz run android 2.1 easily. the worrying point is , the memory , enso stated the 5incher to have 128mb , which is in my experience with EKEN M001 , makes it impossible to surpass android 1.6 , 192 is the lowest and frankly if you need something that actually works , you should look in the region of 256


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